Friday May 9/14

Today is my last day with you before Ms. Moir takes over. Make sure you submit the link for your movie trailer to the correct dropbox by the end of class and don’t forget about Unit 3 lessons 1-3 that need to be done.

Of course, it’s also Friday so blogging day!

Monday May 5/14

This week we’re finishing up the movie trailers. They must be uploaded to Youtube (or Vimeo) and links must be pasted into a Word doc and uploaded to the proper dropbox by Friday.

You will also need to finish lessons 1-3 of the video game unit (Unit 3) by Friday.

Friday May 2/14

Blogging day today. Before you do anything else, you should write your blog post for this week. Possible topics:

How was the process of filming the movie trailer different from the 3-shot movie?

The media frenzy surrounding Toronto mayor Rob Ford: To what extent do you think the ubiquity (that means it’s everywhere) of cell phones with recording devices make it difficult to be a public figure? Is it a good or bad thing that someone was able to catch Rob Ford smoking from a crack pipe  yet again?

When you’re done you can keep working on your movie trailers.

Wednesday April 23/14

In order to be on schedule today you must have your pitch submitted before the end of class. There is a drop box for it in D2L. Just scroll down near the bottom of U2A7.

If your group has submitted your proposal and you’re waiting on me, remember you can move ahead to Unit 3. There is always something for you to be working on.

Tuesday April 22/14

We start our movie trailer project today!

But before you can do that, you must have your film analysis U2A5 and movie poster U2A6 submitted. Many of you are still missing U2A5.

If you have both submitted, then move on to U2A7. We’ll talk about this as a class before you begin.

Thursday April 17/14

Due to network issues we were unable to work on the movie poster analysis yesterday so we watched a low budget horror movie called Pontypool. I know many of you are intersted in how this movie ends. I’d like to show you, but we have to get through the movie poster first.

So…. if you work well on the movie poster analysis I will let you skip your blog post for this week and instead we’ll watch Pontypool. This will be entirely up to you though.