Wednesday December 7/11

Today we’re going to do a lot of different things to help prepare you for your graphic novel literature circles.

The first thing we need to do is talk about how to generate good discussion questions.

The next thing we need to do is talk about how to work effectively as members of a group.

The third thing we’re going to do is a practice literature circle with a shorter graphic text. You will practice one of the different literature circle roles annd practice developing discussion questions.

Friday December 2/11

We’ve got the netbooks today so I want you to go back to your comics that you made on Bitstrips and view each other’s. Then I want you to offer them comments: 1 strength, 1 suggestion for improvement.

When you’re done that you can do one of two things:

1) Write a blog post explaining what you’ve learned about how to read comics.

2) Make a bitstrips comic about what you’ve learned about how to read comics and then post on your blog.

Monday November 28/11

Today we’re working on polishing our newspaper articles. When your article is finished, I want you to think about the qualities of an effective newspaper article and then comment on the blog posts of the other students in our class. Here is a link to all of our blogs:


Wednesday November 23/11

Today we’re going to go down to the library to work on your good copy of your newspaper article. I am posting your 5Ws graphic organizer in Edmodo and you can work on it online or on paper. I’m also going to post the different pictures you can choose from on Edmodo.

You will be writing your newspaper article on your blog.

Thursday November 17/11

Today is Miss Newhall’s last day. We’re very sad to see her go because she’s been such an excellent teacher. We wish her luck in her classes and future placements.

Today we’re going to brainstorm all of the different types of stories that we could cover in terms of writing news about CECI.You will each become reporters and choose a story to write. Your first step will be to gather facts using the 5 Ws + H Chart.

We’re going to give you the option of writing a real news story or a tabloid news story. We’ll start by going around the school and finding things to take pictures of for our news stories. The only rule will be no pictures of people. Then you’ll have to come up with the facts (Or the “facts”) for the news story. For example: What 5Ws +H could you come up with for this picture:

The Snake in the Computer

Miss Newhall would also like you to fill out an evalutation sheet to give her feedback. Make sure you tell her how awesome she is!

Tuesday November 15/11

Yesterday we looked at summarizing an article.

Today I’m going to have you finish your article summary in room 211. Once you’ve finished that, I want you to go to the London Free Press website and identify the different sections that are in a newspaper.

We are going to create an online newspaper for our school using a site called combined with your own individual blogs.

As a class we will brainstorm the different types of stories at Central Elgin we could report on. Then you will set up your own individual blogs using Blogger. You already all have Google accounts so this will be easy to do.

Monday November 7/11

The poll will officially close on our Hero website today so let’s take a look and see which hero won our contest!

Once we’ve done this, you will use your foldable to review the features of a news article and then we’ll work together to create a news article about our hero project.