Tuesday November 13

Free write: Equality exists in our world today because we all have access to the same rights and freedoms.

Listen to podcast

Use a graphic organizer to record main idea/supporting details.

Listen for the features of a podcast.

What did Gladwell include that you could use in your own podcast?

While this is occurring I will be conferencing with students.

Monday November 12

Literature circle meeting today. Before we get started, take a look at your reflection from your first meeting and think about a goal to work on for this meeting. You only have one more after this. I’m not going to give you a discussion focus today, but we are going to be recording your meetings again.

Please make sure you have finished your Midterm reflections completed. We will be starting conferences tomorrow.

Tuesday November 6

Hi folks,

Here’s how today will work:

The first thing I want you to do is go to Google classroom and read over the second consolidation task.

Yesterday you had literature circle meetings that focused on specific questions. I want you to share your findings with the other group members. We’ll do this using the “one stays the rest stray strategy.” Here’s how it will work:

1) First get into your iterature circle groups. You can have 15 minutes to finish your discussions from yesterday. The people staying put will be Lara (The Hate U Give), Madeline (Mockingbird), and Emma H for (The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian). Remember, you are expected to reflect on what you learned from the two other groups so you should take notes. You also have to go back and fill in your group’s representative who will not be moving.

2) Group members all get up and “rotate”. Ie/ Diary folks go to Mockingbird, Mockingbird to T.H.U.G, and T.H.U.G. to Diary. The person staying will then teach the other group members the material. You will do this twice.

3) Return to your home groups and fill in your group’s representative who stayed.

4) You must complete a reflection in their “Digital Portfolio Reflection” document in Google Classroom. Instructions will be posted there. You should reflect on the following: Identify the most important idea from each group discussion–including your own. What similarities in terms of theme can you see between your book and your classmates’ books?

5) If any time is left over, you can read or work on your consolidation task.

Monday November 5

I want to start today’s class by talking about Treaties Recognition Week and encouraging you to check out the slideshow playing on the TV downstairs in the front hallway.

Quick Facts About Treaties

  • Ontario is covered by 46 treaties and other agreements, such as land purchases by the Crown signed between 1781 and 1930.

  • Treaties are the legally binding agreements that set out the rights, responsibilities and relationships of First Nations and the federal and provincial governments.

    A Treaty is a promise that was made between First Nations and Governments (Federal and Provincial). It is a legally binding agreement that set out the rights, responsibilities and relationships between First Nations and the Government. It covers things like:

    • payments of goods and cash

    • ending of First Nations’ rights/title to certain lands

    • creation of reserves where First Nations Peoples were to live

    • protection of fishing, hunting and harvesting rights

    • promises of schools, clothing and farming equipment and supplies

And now we will be moving on to our literature circle meeting. You must have your reading journal and questions submitted to Google Classroom in order to participate.

Friday November 2

Hi folks,

So after reading your journals from last week, I’m concerned that many of you are not meeting the expectations for that task. I’m using your reading journals to assess your reading–not just your understanding of the content of the story, but your ability to make inferences about what you read. Many of you only include two or three points from your reading. I’m also concerned that my feedback won’t have reached you in time for you to apply it to your 2 reader’s journal.

So I’m postponing the meeting until Monday. But that means you MUST have your journal and questions posted to google classroom before class on Monday.

So instead I want to talk today about how we can bump up the quality of our journals and how we can bump up the quality of our meetings.

First, let’s discuss the learning goals for the literature circle meeting. Then we’ll have a class discussion about what you think your group did well at and not so well at. Check your portfolio reflection for a reminder. 

How can we focus our discussions on more than just personal reactions to the characters in the text?



Thursday November 1

Today is credit support day. So if you need to get caught up on work, you’re staying with me. If you’re all caught up, you’re supposed to go to one of the following areas:

Library- quiet study and computer use

Cafeteria- large work areas, group work– no computer access (can use your own device)

Lion’s Den- Math help with Ms. Finn

Please use this time to get ahead on assignments, ISP’s, or studying for tests.

Tuesday October 30

Today you’ll have reading time and time to work on your consolidation task (due Friday). Our next literature circle meeting is also this Friday.

We’re also going to watch this video and I’d like you to think about why this is relevant when it comes to the novel you’re reading,.


Monday October 29

As you know, Thursday was our first literature circle meeting. We’ll start class with some reading time today. You should be continuing your reading journal. I’ve created a new template for you in Google classroom. If you’d like sticky notes there are lots floating around the room. Help yourself. I’ll have feedback for you as soon as I can on the first set.

After 15 minutes of reading time, you will be working on your consolidation task for the first literature circle meeting. (Enriched folks, you must submit your consolidation proposal form today.) Please see Google classroom for more details. This is due at the end of the week.