Tuesday January 9

So you all got an extra day to make sure you had finished Act 3. Awesome! Now let’s do a quiz.

After the quiz we will read Act 4 and review the following literary devices. Then you will look for examples of these devices in Act 4:


Dramatic Irony








And these dramatic devices:

Aside, Soliloquy, Monologue, Comic Relief, Rhyming Couplet

Wednesday December 20

We will begin today with Act 1 Scene 5 in Romeo and Juliet.

In this scene the characters all wear masks which disguise their identities.

We will read the scene and then you will design your own masquerade mask that provides symbolic clues about your identity. Use colours and symbols that represent your true identity.

Then we will start reading Act 2.

You will need to have Act 3 read by the time we get back from the break.

Tuesday December 19

Shakespearean Insults


Read Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet: puns, dirty jokes, and why Romeo speaks in rhyming couplets.

Homework: Choose one of the following questions to answer:

1) Act 1 Sc 1: Imagine you are Romeo or Rosaline and you’ve been keeping a diary (or blog). Write a diary entry or blog post) in which you express your deepest feelings about love. Feel free to add doodles, stickers, quotations. If it’s a blog post, add memes and gifs.

2) Act 1 Sc 2: It was not uncommon during Shakespeare’s time for girls to get married at 14. How does Capulet feel about arranging a marriage for his daughter at this age. Write a dialogue (in modern English) between Capulet and his wife in which they discuss the issue of teen marriage.

3) Act 1 Sc 3: In lines 84 to 95 Lady Capulet uses an extended metaphor to describe Paris. She compares him to a book and Juliet to a cover that will make the book complete. If you were Juliet, how would you feel about that metaphor. Write an extended metaphor in response from Juliet’s point of view that allows her to express what her ideal partnership would be.

4) Act 1 Sc 4: We can assume Mercutio is a teenager like Romeo. What are your first impressions of Mercutio? What would his Twitter or Facebook bio say? What would a teacher’s report card comment about him say?


Friday December 15/17

Today is the deadline for your essays, everyone. You will be submitting them to Google classroom finished or not. If you are in the “not” camp, I will still give you an opportunity to resubmit after I’ve marked it, but I need to take what you have now.

Because we are moving on to….

CSI Verona

Click on the following link which is a collection of tweets from some people. I want you to, with a partner, scroll back through the tweets (remember, the most recent ones will show up first so you’re going to have to do a lot of scrolling.) What I want you to figure out is this: 1) How are these people connected to each other?

2) What happened?

3) Why did it happen?

4) What, if anything, could have prevented it?



Monday December 11

By now you should have a rough draft of all five paragraphs complete. I have given feedback on all the introductions and conclusions I received but a number of you didn’t submit your work which is really frustrating. I told you to submit even if you weren’t done. If you don’t do that, I can’t help you. Some of you may have had good intentions to do work over the weekend, but 8 of you didn’t do that! That’s almost half the class! So we’re going to talk about that.

Today you are working on putting all the pieces together and revising all your paragraphs based on feedback. 

Tomorrow you will be peer editing and working on formatting so I will be going over formatting today. 

Monday December 4

Today we are sharing our foldables and adding ideas.

Then you will choose the topic you like the best and write a paragraph for the point you think is the second-strongest.

Here’s what your paragraph needs to have:

1) Topic sentence that identifies how this point supports the main idea.

2) Illustrate your point using a specific example (quotation) from the novel. Make sure you provide some context for the quotation.

3) Explain how the illustration supports your point.