Thursday October 19

Today we continue with our literature circle meetings but before we do I want to remind you about the criteria for a literature circle meeting.

Fun English fact of the day: The reason the plural of goose is geese but the plural of moose is not meese is that goose derives from an ancient Germanic word that follows the same pattern as tooth/teeth, and foot/feet where the oo becomes ee when plural. Moose, however, comes from an Eastern Algonquian language in the 17th century and it can’t be made plural like goose can.

After our literature circle meeting we will blog but we won’t have much time for the blog posts so you may have to finish them for homework. See google classroom for topics.

Friday October 13

The day after literature circle meetings is the day we consolidate our thinking about what we’ve read and discussed in a blog post.

In your blog I want you to discuss one of the following ideas:

1) Narrative voice: Scout narrates the story, but presumably is narrating it as an adult reflecting back on childhood. Find examples where the narrative voice feels like it’s coming from adult Scout, and other times where it feels like it’s child Scout (don’t use examples of dialogue). Comment on the effectiveness of the narrative voice. Why does it allow the author to show? (Think back to our discussion about the unreliable narrator)

2) Education: Find references to the education system in Maycomb. Make sure you include quotations and page references. How does it fail to meet the needs of the children (including Scout, Walter, the Ewells)? In what ways is the education system to day similar to and different from the system described in the novel?

3) Loss of Innocence: We don’t know much about Boo Radley yet. Using specific references from the book (including page numbers), identify what we do know about him. Explain whether these things are more or less likely. What do the adults think about him? What predictions can you make about Radley? How does the children’s treatment of Boo Radley compare to what children might do today?

Thursday October 12

Today is our first literature circle day!

We will be going up to 301 where you will have a quiz. Please space yourselves out so you are not directly beside someone else. You will have to log in to Google classroom to access the quiz.

Once your quiz is finished, if you have your work for your literature circle meeting, you will move into your group and begin. I will review the expectations for a literature circle meeting before you start.

Tuesday October 10/17

Our first literature circle meeting is technically tomorrow, but I think I’d like to bump it one more day to Thursday to give you a bit more time. Today we will review the expectations for lit circle meetings and then you’ll have lots of time to read and work on your role for this week’s meeting.

Thursday October 5

Today we will had back to 301 one more time to do the following:

1) Write a blog post on the following:

  • Summarize the information you learned from the article you read yesterday. What was the most interesting or surprising thing you learned?
  • Using the criteria below, what do you think you did really well in your practice literature circle meeting yesterday?
  • What challenges do you think you might encounter (again, make specific reference to the assessment criteria)?  
Assessment Criteria

I am marking your listening and speaking skills. Here’s what you need to do for a level 4:

  • Demonstrate active listening by looking at the person who’s speaking, asking clarifying questions when appropriate, summarizing what the person said, giving the speakers your full attention, encouraging others to share ideas.

  • Demonstrate effective informal speaking skills by not talking over top of people, not monopolizing the conversation, adding to ideas, asking questions, clearly and concisely sharing your material. Having your material ready to go.

  • You are prepared, highly knowledgeable about both the content of the book and the role you completed.

  • You can disagree agreeably and treat the ideas of your peers with respect even if you disagree with them.

Marks will be deducted for off-topic conversations, off-topic phone use (it’s okay if you’re referencing your work in google classroom or if your group decides you need to look something up), having sidebar conversations with your classmates, treating your classmates with disrespect.

2) If I still don’t have a good copy of your paragraph on “The Help” give that to me today.
3) Read To Kill a Mockingbird.

Wednesday October 4

We will start class today by signing out copies of To Kill a Mockingbird. Then we’ll go upstairs to 301 (don’t sit at a computer yet. I will be seating you.)

You will have 15 minutes to read the article and complete your role for your literature circle meeting. I am aware this is not a lot of time, but remember, the point is just to get you to practice.

Then you will move into your literature circle groups and I will walk you through a practice meeting.

After that I want to save time for you to brainstorm any potential issues or challenges you might face in the “real” meetings and address those as a class.

Finally, any time left will be for reading Mockingbird. Please bring this every day.