Thursday September 27/12

Today we’re going to begin by talking about how to answer multiple choice questions. Then we’ll do a practice set of questions.

Next we’re going to review parts of speech and practice identifying some different types of nouns.

Finally, we’re going to discuss the elements of a short story and you will apply those elements of a short story to the short story “The Canyon” on pg 44 in the Don’t Label Me books.

Tuesday September 25/12

Today we’re going do a review of the elements of a news article by having a “snowball fight.”

1) Then we’re going to apply what you know by reading two new newspaper articles.

2) Once you’re finished the questions you will write your own newspaper article based on a picture you will choose.

Monday September 24/12

Today we’re going to start with some silent reading.

Next we will review the elements of a newspaper article by having a snowball fight.

Then I’ll hand back your work from Friday. Most of you still have work to finish on this assignment. If you don’t, you may move on to the next assignment or read silently.


Wednesday September 19/12

1) We will start with some silent reading today.

2) Then we’ll review what makes a good paragraph and complete a bump it up activity. First you will correct a sample paragraph and then apply that knowledge to your own paragraphs.

3) At the end of the period you must submit the Bump it Up paragraph hand out.

4) If you still owe me your paragraph booklets today is the last day to submit it.

Friday September 14/12

1) We’re going to start with a word game today because it’s Friday.

2) Then we’ll do some silent reading since I forgot your reading journal handouts yesterday(!)

3) Reading journal

4) Work on paragraph booklets/ opinion pieces.

Thursday September 13/12

1) We’ll begin with silent reading today. At the end, I want you to write a journal response. Here’s a copy of the handout so you can see what’s expected. Reading Response Journals

2) When you’re done, please continue working on the paragraph booklets you got on Tuesday or Wednesday. The completed booklet is due next Tuesday.

3) Then complete your brainstorming for the different opinion questions you got yesterday. When you are done, bring it up to me and we will talk about which one you want to write your opinion piece on.

4) Tomorrow we will start the opinion piece outlines and rough copies.