Friday November 30/12

1) Your chapter 11-13 questions are due today.

2) We’re going to start by brainstorming all the different challenges to survival that Katniss faces in The Hunger Games.

3) Then we’ll think of sources of stress that high school students encounter.

4) Then we will think about different resources and tools that can help students “survive” that stress.

5) You will then think about 5-10 objects that you could put in a survival backpack. The items must actually fit in the backpack. Some of them may be more symbolic in nature rather than practical.

6) Next week we will “auction” the backpacks so you need to be prepared to make a strong case for why your backpack is the best.

Tuesday November 27/12

I couldn’t post yesterday because of the network issues but here’s what we did:

We took up the chapters 8-10 questions, and I gave you a second chance to finish your synthesis paragraphs. (See The Hunger Games 8-10)

We set a date for the literature circle project of Monday December 10. (Literature Circles Culminating Activities)

Today we’re going to do a lesson on answering questions and then you’re going to work on the chapter questions 11-13 of The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games 11-13) for the first half of class and then switch over to your literature circle projects. You will be using a planner to help you organize your work. This will be worth 20 marks and will be assessed as part of your project. (Literature Circle Culminating Tasks planner)



Tuesday November 20/12

We’re back in 211 today. Same seats as yesterday please.

Here are the tasks you need to complete:

1) Finish your work for your final literature circle meeting. (We’re going to have our final meeting on Thursday, not Wednesday.

2) If your work is done and in your folder you may finish up your bitstrips comic or

3) Work on your final project for your literature circle meeting.

Monday November 19/12

Today we’re going down to room 211 to blog about our books. The topic is posted.

When you are finished you may:

1) Finish your bitstrips assignment.

2) Work on your Literature Circle role for the final meeting.

3) Work on your culminating task for your literature circle novel.

Tuesday November 13/12

Today we’re going to have lots of time for silent reading and working on literature circle jobs for tomorrow’s meeting. Remember, if work is not done and in the folder by the end of the period, you will need to see me at lunch tomorrow.

If you did not finish your comic yesterday, it is homework.