Wednesday December 19/12

Today we’re going to start off by talking about your CCA so you know what to do over the break. You’ve already had time in class to work on this but I want to make sure you don’t have any questions. Here is a digital copy of the handout if you lost yours. (I included the corrections we made): CCA

Then we will read The Hunger Games.

On the Monday and Tuesday back from the break you will have lab time to prepare the book talk portion of your CCA.

Tuesday December 18/12

We’re back in the lab today to finish up your advertising projects and/or work on your CCA. Your CCA is due Monday January 7. That’s the first day back from holidays, but you can have until the end of the week to hand it in without penalty. I will not be able to take it after January 11.

Friday December 14/12

Today we’re back in the classroom where we’ll read for a bit and then continue to work on advertising.

Yesterday you looked at three main kinds of advertising techniques: pathos, logos, and ethos. We also looked at a number of persuasive strategies advertisers use such as “avante garde” and “snob appeal.”

Today we’re going to add a few more techniques to your understanding of advertising strategies and techniques:

6 Key Elements of Design


1)   Visual Images: Since people often “read” with their eyes, advertisers try to impress people with eye-catching pictures.

2)   Slogan; a business of company usually tries to include a short catchy phrase that it hopes people will remember. Eg/ “Got milk?”

3)   Logo: This is also a kind of visual image, but it is specifically designed to create brand recognition. Eg/ the Nike swoosh.

4)   Text: Advertisers choose their words carefully, but they also choose their font, size, and placement carefully.

5)   Colour: Colours represent emotion. Eg/ red=passion; yellow=happiness

6)   Space: Advertisers must pay for the size of their ads so they make sure every part of the space helps to sell the product.

Today we’re going to practice applying that information to a couple different ads.

The ads you can do on your own are:


ad paragraph

Thursday December 13/12

Today we’re going to do a lesson on advertising and then you’ll have time in room 211 to work on your advertising campaign for the Hunger Games tribute of your choice. This is due on Wednesday December 19.


HungerGamesProjectCommercial (you will need to include a one-paragraph write-up explaining how your commercial uses pathos, logos, or ethos, as well as at least one specific persuasive strategy from the Advertising pamphlet)

Hunger Games Commercial Rubric

Wednesday December 12/12

Today we’re going to have a catch up day. Those students who are all caught up will be working with Mrs. Walker on their CCAs, while the rest of the class gets one period to get caught up. Work must be submitted at the end of the period.

Monday December 10/12

Literature circle projects due today! For those of you who have an online component to your project, please make sure you clearly write the url down for me.

Today we’re going to return to The Hunger Games. We will read and work on questions for Chapters 14-16. Due tomorrow if you don’t finish in class.

Hunger Games 14-16