Tuesday April 25

Today we’re going to start with me reading from The Hunger Games. I want to show you the difference between an effective connection and an ineffective connection. Then you will have time to prep for tomorrow’s literature circle meeting.

Tuesday April 11/17

Today we’ll begin by reading some more of The Hunger Games as a class. As we read you’ll each be responsible for one of the following: a discussion question, a literary device, a connection, or vocabulary.

Next, you will finish your literature circle work and have it in your folder for your next meeting tomorrow.

If you’re ready for tomorrow’s meeting, you can work on your madlibs assignment.

Monday April 10/17

Today you will get lots of time to read and prepare for your first literature circle meeting. Just as a reminder, here’s what you’ll need to have done before Wednesday:

  1. Your written work for your literature circle role in your folder.
  2. Three discussion questions created for the section your read (each one from a different quadrant on your q-chart) in your folder. Remember, the idea here is to create rich questions that will lead to good discussion.
  3. You will need to have your first chunk of your novel read.

If you have everything ready to go, you can continue working on your madlibs exercise from Friday. See Ms Maddocks if you were away and need the handouts for this.

Mrs. Tipping will be working with some students to ensure they have their literature circle blogs set up properly.