Tuesday May 23/17

Thank you to those of you who handed in your infographics over the long weekend. If you have not submitted your infographic, it’s officially late and late mark deductions will apply.

We are moving on to the opinion piece now. At this point, you should have 4 specific examples from your novel and a thesis statement and you should be working on your outline. Once your outline is complete, submit it to me for approval and then you can begin your rough draft. The completed opinion piece is due at the end of this week. See Google classroom for more details.

Monday May 15

Today you will be working in 207 on one of the following:

  • The infographic (you will have one more class period for this and that’s it. It’s due on Friday)
  • The opinion piece.

Both of these assignments are posted in Google Classroom. Your supply teacher, Ms Nicholls has paper copies of the opinion piece assignment if you are ready to start that.

Please take a moment to make sure you have submitted your slides for the backpack auction as well.

Wednesday May 10/17

Today is our final literature circle meeting combined with our Backpack auction.

Here’s how this is going to go:

We’ll do the backpack auction first:

  1. Get into partners.
  2. Look at your backpack presentations and decide whose backpack you think would be most valuable.
  3. Decide which person will be the presenter and which person will be the note taker.
  4. Note taker moves around the room and takes notes while the presenter tries to promote the backpack.
  5. Presenter returns and shares info and then as a pair, decide which backpacks you’d like to bid on.
  6. Get money from me.
  7. Auction begins.

There will be a reflection component for this presentation but we’ll do that later.

Next, we’ll move on to your literature circle meetings. If we can’t finish them today we’ll finish them at the start of class tomorrow.

Friday May 5/17

We are in 207 today to work on either the backpack auction assignment or the infographic. The backpack auction presentation must be done first. We will be auctioning the backpacks next week.

Thursday May 4/17


Today is our 4th literature circle meeting. We will be having our literature circle meeting in 207 today. Once your meeting is done you will complete your reflection and self evaluation and then start working on the backpack auction assignment. We will be auctioning the backpacks on Tuesday.

Tuesday May 2/17

We will start by reading from The Hunger Games again today and then we’ll go down to 208 to work on an assignment I’ve uploaded to Google Classroom. See Google Classroom for more details.

Monday May 1

Today we’re going to start off reading The Hunger Games while I show you how to make inferences.

Then you will have time to read your novels and work on your role for this week’s literature circle meeting.