Wednesday May 2

We are continuing to work on our unit 2 culminating tasks. We’ll start with a daily scrum where you identify to the group what you worked on yesterday, what you’re working on today, and what is standing in your way.

There will be a brief exit card reflection to do before the end of class.

Tuesday May 1

We’re continuing to work on our culminating task for unit 2 today. But today we’re going to focus on identifying evidence from the text to support out ideas. See Google Classroom.

Monday April 30

You guys will be working on your unit culminating task today. The assignment is posted in Google Classroom, but your first step is to choose the scene from your book that you want to work with.

Then log into Google Classroom and complete the work assigned for today.

Thursday April 26

Get ready for our final book club meetings. Last chance to show me what you know and what you can do.

Then log on to google classroom to get started on our unit culminating task.

Tuesday April 24

Our top priority today is to prepare for Thursday which is our final book club meeting. You should have your novel finished. (Except for the Ready Player One group which will be following a slightly different plan because their book is longer.

Ready Player One Summary

Friday April 20

Our goal today is to examine the strengths and weaknesses of an argument.

Go to Google Classroom.

We will read the first “Point” as a class and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the argument. As we read, we will fill out the KWL chart (attached). Then you will read the second article “Counter Point” on your own and finish the KLW chart. When you’ve submitted the assignment, complete the reflection.

Wednesday April 18

Yesterday some of you were revising and resubmitting your opinion paragraphs while others were writing the midterm. Today you should all be working on the assignment called Examining Both Sides on Google Classroom.

Before we dive into that though, we’ll have some reading time followed by a discussion about identifying the main idea and supporting details.