Monday January 14

We’re doing an Act 3/4 lecture today.

Reminders for your pitches:

  1. Do not read your slides. Look at your audience.
  2. Do not read from your notes. Look at your audience.
  3. Do not fill your slides with text that’s small and hard to read.
  4. Use images to reinforce key ideas, but one large image is better than lots of small ones. If you can’t find a good image—don’t use one.
  5. Don’t use clip art.
  6. Your slides should reinforce your presentation—they should not replace your presentation.
  7. Practice. Everyone should know what part of the presentation they are speaking to. Do not decide that during the presentation.
  8. Don’t fidget, giggle, say “um” or “like” a lot. If you don’t look like you know what you’re talking about, it’s hard to inspire confidence in your audience.


Friday January 11

Hi folks,

I’m not here today but I’ve prepared a video version of the lecture for Act Two which I want you to watch. Come and get your Act one notes from the round table at the back of the room. You will be asked to resubmit these on Monday along with your notes for Act 2. For the most part you were all fine as long as you filled the margin and footer sections of the notes. If you only wrote in the note section, you missed the point. Also, don’t just focus on plot. You should be summarizing key ideas and themes as well.

You will be expected to hand in Cornell style notes based on today’s lecture for Monday.

Please wear earbuds or headphones as you watch and listen to the lecture below. When you’re done, you can continue working on your PR team project.

Check out this Video

Tuesday January 8

Today you will have a few minutes to discuss your PR team plans but we’re going to dig into the play a bit more with an Act 1 lecture. In this lecture I’m also going to teach you how to do:  Cornell style notes. You will use these during our lecture on Act 1.

2) Act 1 Lecture:

3) Act 1 Challenge:

Getting Gify with It

Choose a scene from Act 1 and retell the scene using only GIFs.  The winning team will be the first one that guesses each group’s scene summary correctly.

  • Each team will be randomly assigned a scene to summarize.
  • Be crafty with your GIF choices. Don’t be literal. It needs to be possible for groups to guess your scene using the GIFs you chose but you don’t want to make it easy or that decreases your team’s chance of winning the challenge. How? In my experience, it’s easiest to brainstorm key words for the events and ideas you want to communicate like “manipulation, power, evil, darkness, blood,”    Search the GIFs using one of those key words and then choose one that’s not too literal or perhaps suggests something about implicit meaning rather than the explicit meaning of the text.
  • You must have a minimum of 5 GIFs. Share them by pasting them into a Google slide presentation. Submit to Google Classroom

Monday January 7

Today we are continuing to work on the PR projects. Make sure you check our class calendar for the timelines for this.

Tuesday December 18

Your first job today is to create a thematic statement about Macbeth based on the perspective you were watching the play from.

In your groups, you have 10 minutes to create your statement and post it on the padlet below:

Use this template for your statement:

When examining Macbeth from a _________ perspective, it becomes clear that Shakespeare is suggesting that ….


Made with Padlet

Then, we will start investigating the elements of a PR campaign.