Friday February 28/14

I’m going to postpone taking up the questions until Monday because I want to focus today on brainstorming and working on the personal essay.

Please remember, your rough draft is due before March Break and we will be doing the sight passage test on March 4. Monday and Wednesday will be work periods for your essays.

Your formative projects are due today. Please submit your rubric with self assessment along with your project. If you are submitting digitally, please write that on the rubric. If I just need to visit a URL, please write the URL on the rubric.

Instructions for submitting digitally:

Password: submit

Thursday February 27/14

Today you’ll get a copy of Once More to the Lake (or you can download the digital copy). This is an example of a personal narrative essay. I’ve attached notes to the essay for you. Remember, this essay and the previous on (The Town Dump) are exemplars for your personal essay. Tomorrow we’ll take up the questions for The Town Dump and discuss Once More to the Lake.

But today you have a work period to do any of the following:

Questions for “The Town Dump”

Reading Once More to the Lake

Your Project

Your personal essay

Tomorrow we’ll be back in 208.

Monday February 24/14

I’m really excited to see your finished projects this Friday! If you’re struggling or worried that you’re not going to meet the deadline, please talk to me ASAP.

Today we’re going to start focusing on your essay that you have to write for the summative assessment. I’ll give you a copy of the assignment (here’s a digital version: ENG3UE Unit 1 Personal essay) .

Then we’re going to read an example of a personal essay and work on some questions together.

Essay: The Town Dump

Questions: Town Dump questions

Tuesday February 18/14

Today we’re going to look at some specialized pieces of punctuation that–when used correctly–show you have a real mastery of written English. These pieces include: dashes, ellipses, parentheses, colons, and semicolons.

We’ll check out this handout: Punctuation Power Pack

When we’re done you’ll have time for your projects. We’ve got the lab booked for tomorrow and Thursday, by the way.

Thursday February 13/14

Today will be a work period for you, but we’re still going to a short lesson on the Three Cs: Coordination, Climactic Order, and Construction.

Okay “The Three Cs” isn’t really a thing. I just made it up.


Wednesday February 12/14

Want some more practice with parallel construction? Check this out:

Also, yesterday we were talking about using logos, pathos, and ethos to analyze a Super Bowl Commercial. Well here you go:

What do you make of this?

Today we’ll be working in 208 (of course, if you’re reading this right now because you’ve just logged in to a computer in 208 then you already know this. Weird, isn’t it? It’s like I’m reading your mind…)

You have this period for working on your projects. Remember, check in #1 is due this Friday.