Tuesday April 29/14

Today we will be heading to room 211 so I can introduce you to the blogging platform we are using: http://kidblog.org/Grade11EnrichedEnglish

While we’re in the lab though I will also finish any remaining conferences and remind you about formatting quotations.

You can also use this lab time to review my comments on your Othello essays and start making revisions. Please print off a copy of your essay for our peer revision session tomorrow.

Don’t forget to work on your reader’s journals in preparation for next week’s meeting.

Monday April 28/14

First I want to address some common errors I’ve seen so far in your essays:

Apostrophe usage


Works Cited

Verb Tense

Period outside parentheses

Comma splices/incorrect semi-colon usage

Today we’re going to talk about how do write a reader’s journal and you will have time to work on yours in class.

Handouts for today: ENG3UE A Reader’s Journal 2013

Wednesday April 23/14

We are continuing with conferences today, but I’ll also be handing out copies of The Kite Runner and The Great Gatsby today. If you were away today make sure you get a copy tomorrow and pick up a copy of each of the rubrics (one for the Othello essay and one for the project) from Abby.

Come prepared to start reading tomorrow. I won’t be here though so we’ll have to finish conferences on Friday.

To submit your rough draft of your Othello Essay you will need to go to http://www.turnitin.com/

The Class ID is: 7969541

The Password is: othello

If you’ve used this program before you will need to log in (not create an account) with the email address you used to create the account last time. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it. Then you can use the above information to enroll in our class.

If you’ve forgotten your email and password you can create a new account.

Tuesday April 22/14

Today we’ll be working in room 211.

We’ll start by discussing the assessment criteria for the Othello project and then we’ll start CCA conferences while you work on your essays or projects. Please keep in mind both are due by the end of the week.

We will also be starting our literature circle unit this week so I need you to think about two things: Do you want to read The Kite Runner or The Great Gatsby? and How should we tackle the enrichment component of this unit? In other words, what could you do instead of study guides and content quizzes as formative assessments?


Unit 2 Formative Project Rubric

ENG3UE Othello essay rubric


Wednesday April 16/14

We are working in 208 today and the library tomorrow.

For both days you will need to submit the following form before the end of the period:

Tuesday April 15/14

Today we’ll finish the presentation and then work on Othello essays. I have room 208 booked for tomorrow so come prepared to work!

Hey, guys: A friend on Twitter just posted something you might be interested in. You can probably make it tie into your Othello project. http://www.cbc.ca/books/canadawrites/2014/04/celebrate-shakespeares-450th-birthday-with-the-shakespeare-selfie-challenge.html

Check it out. You could win an iPad mini!

Celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th birthday with the Shakespeare Selfie Challenge

Friends, Canadians, Countrymen! April 23rd doth mark the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare—and Canada Writes is saluting the Bard with a month-long writing challenge. We shall be giving away a cart-load of prizes… including not one, but two iPad minis.
“Shakespeare Selfie” writing challenge for Canadians
“Selfie? Be hanged!” You may be thinking unto yourself. “Shakespeare did not even know what this ‘selfie’ was!” We implore you, good friends, think on’t! Shakespeare did greatly enjoy the selfie. But in a camera’s stead, he held a quill. From April 14 to May 9, Canada Writes doth request all Canadians to take a Shakespearean character, situate him or her in a present-day scenario, and write a new soliloquy or monologue for that character. (Is thine mastery of “soliloquy” and “monologue” a mite rusty? Do consult this handy guide.)
shakespeare selfie-small body.jpg
Illustration: Graham Roumieu
What would Hamlet mutter under his breath if he had been dragged to a bad poetry-slam event? What choice bon mots would Caliban unleash after his Plymouth Reliant breaks down on the Trans-Canada? Pray thee, let us know in this writing challenge.
(And fear ye not: Though we’ve had fun with the Shakespearean language in this post, it’s not necessary for the challenge.) 
  • Word count: 200 to 400 words
  • Challenge open to Canadians aged 12 and over
  • Submission period: April 14 to May 9, 2014

Monday April 14/14

Today we will have three of our Othello presentations. I’m very much looking forward to this! I hope you are too. Don’t forget to submit your annotated script.

Friday April 11/14

Today we’re meeting in the library to research secondary sources for your Othello essay. It’s also a check in day so be prepared to show me what you’ve got done for your formative projects.

Thursday April 10/14

Othello project work period, but first we’ll discuss upcoming due dates first and I want to go through the Othello essay with you in a bit more detail.

While you’re working, we’ll have Othello playing in the background.