Thursday October 29/15

We will have a lecture today on Jealousy and Revenge in Othello. This will give you an opportunity to practice your Cornell note-taking technique. We’ll take a few minutes and review this at the start of class.

Time left over will be devoted to your projects.

Wednesday October 28/15

Yesterday went a bit longer than planned so I’m going to postpone the lecture and instead give you project time. While you’re working on the projects I will show the rest of Othello.

Tuesday October 27/15

Today we’re going to finish reading Othello in class! Then you’ll have time to work on your projects (after you recover from the shock and horror of the end of the play of course).

Tomorrow we’ll start with a lecture on some of the key ideas in Othello but also come prepared to work on your projects.

Monday October 26/15

Check in day!

We’re going to try something new for check ins so bear with me.

We’re going to try using a site called Sesame. I will go over how to sign up for the site with you all in class. This is a nicer option because you and I can both take pictures or upload files of your work and then I can give you feedback as well as keep a record of your ongoing work. But as with any new tool, it will take some getting used to. There is an app for the site too if you have an ipad or smart phone but you can also access the desktop version of the site here:

We’re also going to try summarizing Act 4 today.

But the rest of the period is devoted to your projects.



Thursday October 22/15

We’ll begin today by reviewing Frye’s theory of Archetypes with relation to tragedy.

Then we will read Act 4 in small groups. Anything we don’t finish in class is homework.

Your first check in for your unit 2 project is due tomorrow, but I’ll give you class time tomorrow to do work.

Wednesday October 21/15

Today you’ll have time to work on your projects and to read your CCA novel.

We will also discuss Northrop Frye’s theory of archetypes, focusing on the archetypal tragedy. If you are away, please review the following handout: autumntragedy-1

Tuesday October 20/15

First we will summarize the important ideas from Act 3.

Then we’ll watch acts 1-3 while I meet with some of you about your project proposals.

Monday October 19/15

Your project proposals are due today and I’m looking forward to reading them! Not CCA reading time but you’ll have time tomorrow. Please remember your novels should be done by next Monday.

I’m going to give you a few minutes at the start of class today to summarize the key ideas from Friday’s lecture (which I didn’t get to finish). Then I’ll finish the lecture and we’ll summarize Act 2 before launching into Act 3.

Anything that we don’t finish from Act 3 will be homework.

Friday October 16/15

Today I’m going to teach you a specific note taking style that is really effective for lectures. A lot of times in class when taking notes, students feel like they need to try to write down everything the teacher is saying. This isn’t actually a very effective way to absorb information. Cornell notes are a style of note taking that is much more effective. We don’t do a lot of lectures in high school but when you go to university that’s what the majority of your classes will be. This is a note taking style that’s useful in any subject area.

What are Cornell notes?


(You will get a handout of this in class.)

So now let’s try applying this to a lecture on Act 2 of Othello.

No reading for homework but please have your proposals ready for Monday.