Monday November 30/15

Today we’re going to actually begin our new unit which involves literature circles. This is going to be a bit different from our other units in that there will be no self-directed formative assessment. Rather, our formative work will actually be our literature circles. So today I’ll hand out the learning goals and success criteria and explain the process of the literature circles. Then I’ll let you grab your books and get started.

Tomorrow we’ll be in the computer lab (211) to create our literature circle blogs.

It would help if you could join our blogging site in advance. The link for the site is in the upper right column of our blog. The code you’ll need to sign up is: wmquras

ENG3UE A Reader’s Journal 2013

ENG3UE Learning Goals and Success Criteria Units 1 to 3

liiterature circles instructions 2014

how to write questions

Thursday November 19/15

On today’s agenda: Reviewing MLA format!

I want to start with  what may seem like some obvious questions:

1) What is a citation?

2) What is the purpose of a citation?

3) What is a Works Cited page?

4) What is the purpose of a Works Cited page?

When you can really answer those questions you’ll be much less likely to make mistakes citing your work.

I have a handout for you specifically on citing Shakespeare in MLA format: Citing-Shakespeare

But I don’t have one for MLA format in general since there are so many different aspects of MLA formatting. So instead, I’m giving you a link to the resources I think are most helpful.


Sample paper in MLA format

In-text citations (or parenthetical citations)

Works Cited Page

Friday November 13/15

After a suggestion by one of your classmates, and some careful consideration on my end, I’ve decided to do a bit of rearranging. Have a look at the class calendar for more details.

I’m going to hand out the project rubrics today. If you’re away, you can get a copy here: Unit 2 Formative Project Rubric

We’re going to start working on the Othello essay today, and I am cancelling the CCA conferences that were supposed to begin next week. In the past, I didn’t find them to be all that helpful for students and they take up so much class time.

Today I want to draw your attention to the Elizabethan World view and you’ll get a chance to discuss how this informs our understand of Othello. Then I’ll introduce the essay assignment. Please see yesterday’s post for handouts.

Thursday November 12/15

Today I’m doing PD.

Your CCA questions must be completed today. They will be sitting on my desk in a blue-green plastic folder. Make sure they are returned there (with your name on it) before the end of the period.

Then you should be using the rest of class time to work on your Othello presentations and projects. You may work out in the hallway, but stay close to the classroom since it’s not fair to ask the supply teacher to supervise you when you’re at the other end of the school.

The presentation is one of your summative assessments but so is the essay. I am posting a link to the essay assignment here so you can start thinking about it if you want to get a head start. You will be working on this essay while I do CCA conferences with you (please see our class calendar).



Othello essay exemplar