Monday January 11/15

I’ve changed up the schedule a bit so we can do the book talks at the end of the week rather than at the beginning. So today I’ve secured room 208 for you to work with your groups on your seminars. I think this would be a good opportunity to start applying what you learned on Friday about how to deliver an effective presentation.

Thursday January 7/16

Today’s goal is to write our final blog post. This time I am actually going to give you a topic. I’d like you to write about the connections between your novel and Othello.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about what makes an effective presentation with slides.

What I’d like you to do to prepare for tomorrow is try to find an example of a video of a presentation with slides that you think is effective. It can be about anything.

A good place to start looking is TED.

Friday January 8/16

I’m home sick today. Here’s what you’re doing:

1) Think about an example of a really bad presentation you once saw (it might have been a student presentation, but it was probably a teacher power point!) What made it terrible. DON’T USE NAMES. Just focus on the details that made the power point (or Prezi) presentation ineffective. Jot these ideas down and then share with a partner. Then share with the rest of the class.

2) Think of an example of a good presentation (this was your homework!). What made it good? Jot these ideas down and then share with a partner. Share with the class.

3) Have  a look at the following presentation on good power point presentations:

4) From this presentation and your discussions make a list of the criteria you would expect from a good presentation with slides. Hand these lists in.

5) You can have the rest of the period for working on your seminars. Please remember that book talks begin next week. These were originally scheduled to start Monday, but I still need time to get your CCAs back to you and obviously that won’t happen today so instead we will work on seminars Monday and Tuesday and begin book talks on Wednesday.

Monday January 4/16

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a restful break. I know you needed it.

We’re going to ease back into things today by reviewing what’s left in the course and then giving you time to prepare for this week’s literature circle meeting.

Book talks for the CCA are next week so you will have your CCA’s returned by Monday.

Your Othello essays are all marked but you will have to log in to Turn it in to see your mark and feedback. If you’re not able to do that because you never created an account, come and see me at lunch and I’ll show you.