Thursday September 28/17

Today is Orange Shirt Day. We’re going to spend some time talking about the significance of this day after silent reading:

Then we will move on to applying our knowledge of rhetoric to an essay with a controversial thesis about torture. If you are away, please read the essay and have the questions done for Monday.

Eng3U1TortureMichael-Levin (2)

Please remember your literary theory analysis project is also due on Monday. Make sure you complete the self evaluation.

Wednesday September 27

We will begin today with silent reading.

Then I want you to take a few minutes to reflect on what you’ve learned so far in this unit. How confident do you feel in your abilities to:

  • Explain the basics of each of the following theories:
    • Reader Response
    • Formalist
    • Archetypal
    • Psychoanalytic
    • Historicist
    • Feminist
    • Marxist
  • Use the dash, ellipsis, semicolon, and comma correctly
  • Use a literary theory to uncover an implicit meaning
  • Choose an effective reading strategy to help improve your reading comprehension
  • Create slides that enhance–not stand in for your presentation
  • Speak without reading from your slides
  • Use specific evidence from the text to support your ideas

Submit your reflection to me so I know how to support you better.

Reminder: Your literary theory analysis of a short story is due Monday. Please remember you must fill out the self evaluation sheet or your assignment is not complete. If you still need a copy of the self evaluation sheet see yesterday’s post.

And now on to rhetoric:

Logos Pathos Ethos

Tuesday September 26

Last day for working on your literary theory analyses.

We will be working in 301 and discuss the due date there. Please bear in mind that I am making notes on your work habits and that will factor into your final grade.

Here are links to all the presentations I have for your reference:

(You may have to be logged into your gotvdsb google accounts to open them).

Literary Theory Analysis Evaluation Name

Monday September 25

We are heading to 301 to allow you time to work on your literary theory analysis but first, silent reading.

See Thursday’s post for more details on the literary theory analysis.

Friday September 22

Happy Red Feather Game Day!

Please remember to publish your blog post on connections before Monday morning.

Make sure that by Monday morning you have (at the VERY LEAST) your double column notes completed for your short story. That’s what we’ll be working on back here at the school while you cheer on the football team.

That’s it!

Thursday September 21

We’re continuing with our work from yesterday.

So let’s start with silent reading/notes (for your short story) but remember, I need a blog post from you tomorrow. See the side bar for a link to all your blogs.

Learning Goal:

We are learning to apply a particular literary theory to a short story to reveal an implicit meaning.

I will know I am successful when I can….

  • Create a thematic/thesis statement that summarizes what my chosen theory reveals about the short story
  • Support my ideas with evidence from the text: at least 3 big ideas, with 3 pieces of supporting evidence (quotation, summary, paraphrase)
  • Include page references in MLA format (44)
  • Explain a meaning that my chosen theory reveals that other would not
  • Use key concepts of my chosen theory to explain elements of the short story
  • Use those elements correctly to draw conclusions about my short story that are directly related to the thematic/thesis statement
  • Communicate clearly in the medium I have chosen


Literary Criticism (our class power point overview of all the theories)

Literary-Criticism-Concept-Map (1) (an assignment I used to give that will give you an idea of how to do a concept map if that’s what you want to do)

Piktochart (Site that lets you make infographics and posters–there are lots of free templates.)

Viewdit (Chrome Extension that allows you to do screencasts)

Class presentations





Wednesday September 20

We will start with silent reading.

Then we’ll finish our literary theory presentations.  Don’t forget you need to complete your blog post before the end of the week.

Next, choose either “Do Seek Their Meat” or “Boys and Girls” from Viewpoints 11 (which you will get today). Your first step is just to read and take notes. I’m going to explain a note taking process for you.

What we are working towards is you analyzing the story you read from a literary perspective (other than the one you presented on), and then present your analysis either in writing or visually. (more about that to follow).

Learning Goal:

We are learning to apply a particular literary theory to a short story to reveal an implicit meaning.

I will know I am successful when I can….

Tuesday September 19

We’ll start with silent reading today: Don’t forget, I’m expecting you to blog about connections you’re able to make to the text and explain how it helps you make meaning (before the end of the week please).

Then we’ll begin our literary theory presentations. After your presentation you will be expected to complete a detailed self evaluation.

Monday September 18/17

Last day to prep for your literary theory presentations (they start tomorrow). But we will start class with some silent reading and then a discussion prompt:

What connections are you able to make with any aspect of your book at this point? How do these connections help you make meaning from the text? (Side note: This type of question is asking you to apply reader response theory).