Tuesday December 11

We are diving headlong into Macbeth today.

For those of you who may have struggled with Shakespeare in the past, I want to recommend the following podcast: Chopbard.  http://chopbard.libsyn.com/category/Macbeth

The episode posted above will give you some really good background into Macbeth. He approaches Shakespeare from the perspective of an actor, not an English scholar, so his explanation of the play is really accessible.

Please go to Google classroom for a copy of our background handout for the play.

Thursday December 6

We’ll begin today by taking up the “What Makes Us Moral” article and the Tonya Harding articles. These are already marked and returned in Google Classroom.

Then you will be working on writing your rough draft. This is due on Monday for peer editing.

Wednesday December 5

I’m away this afternoon. Here’s what you’re working on:

  1. Did you forget to read that article “What Makes Us Moral?” and answer the questions that followed? That was due on Friday. Are you looking to get coal in your stocking? Because that’s how you get coal in your stocking. Get it done. via GIPHY
  2. Your outline for your essay is due today.
  3. I have posted an assignment for you in Google Classroom that also must be completed today called “THE TONYA HARDING AND NANCY KERRIGAN SCANDAL” Follow the link in Google classroom. You will have comprehension questions to complete as you read.

We will be discussing both articles when I come back tomorrow so the MUST BE DONE.

Don’t disappoint Santa.