Monday May 5/14

Today we are doing research on our literature circle novels.

Both novels are set during different time periods in different parts of the world. Therefore, they both have different cultural and historical contexts to consider.

What do readers need to know about:

1) The part of the world in which your story is set?

2) The time period of your story?

3) What signficicant events were happening in other parts of the world?

4) What happened right before the story takes place that is significant?

5) What was the culture like of the time? Think music, art, leisure, pop culture, etc.

6) What political issues were significant during this time?

7) How were men and women viewed? What about minority ethnic, racial, or religious groups?

Put all this information together in a blog post of approximately 500 words. Be sure to include pictures, audio, and video where possible. Make sure you tag your blog post so your classmates know what information they’ll find in the post. (Go beyond obvious things like “culture” or “history” because everyone’s researching that.)