Monday November 30/15

Today we’re going to actually begin our new unit which involves literature circles. This is going to be a bit different from our other units in that there will be no self-directed formative assessment. Rather, our formative work will actually be our literature circles. So today I’ll hand out the learning goals and success criteria and explain the process of the literature circles. Then I’ll let you grab your books and get started.

Tomorrow we’ll be in the computer lab (211) to create our literature circle blogs.

It would help if you could join our blogging site in advance. The link for the site is in the upper right column of our blog. The code you’ll need to sign up is: wmquras

ENG3UE A Reader’s Journal 2013

ENG3UE Learning Goals and Success Criteria Units 1 to 3

liiterature circles instructions 2014

how to write questions