Monday January 14

We’re doing an Act 3/4 lecture today.

Reminders for your pitches:

  1. Do not read your slides. Look at your audience.
  2. Do not read from your notes. Look at your audience.
  3. Do not fill your slides with text that’s small and hard to read.
  4. Use images to reinforce key ideas, but one large image is better than lots of small ones. If you can’t find a good image—don’t use one.
  5. Don’t use clip art.
  6. Your slides should reinforce your presentation—they should not replace your presentation.
  7. Practice. Everyone should know what part of the presentation they are speaking to. Do not decide that during the presentation.
  8. Don’t fidget, giggle, say “um” or “like” a lot. If you don’t look like you know what you’re talking about, it’s hard to inspire confidence in your audience.