June 7/16

Since updates will be done on Sesame every day and we are working in the library, I will no longer be updating our class blog on a daily basis.

Monday June 6/16

Those of you who were away on Friday are now a day behind on your CCAs. I will explain the process for those of you who were away. If you were here on Friday you can actually go straight to the library and work on day 2 of the CCA.


Wednesday June 1/16

Last day to work on the McMurphy Sinner or Saint presentations in room 209. Presentations (finished or not) must be submitted to Sesame by the end of the period. You will also need to give me your notes.

Research reports are finally marked and marks are posted on Sesame.

Tuesday May 24/16

Today we will begin reading Act 2 until at least page 62.

Then you will answer the following questions:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Act 2 questions (pg 53-61)

  • What does McMurphy discover Nurse Ratched means when she says “We do have our little difficulties don’t we? But they’ll be worked out. After all, we have weeks. Months. If necessary years” ?
  • How does he react to this?
  • What are Chief’s first words in the play?
  • What happened to Chief’s father?
  • What does Chief mean when he says “How can I be big if you ain’t? How can anybody?”

Journal Response

In a response of approximately 1 page, respond to the following prompt:

Imagine that you are one of the patients in the hospital ward right now (Harding, Billy, Cheswick, Chief, or Scanlon). McMurphy seems to be backing down. You weren’t honest with him about what he was risking by acting up, but you also look up to him. He seems to be the only person brave enough to stand up to Nurse Ratched. How do you feel now that he’s “behaving”?

Make it clear whose perspective you’re writing from by putting the character’s name at the top of the journal response and write in first person.

Please use proper paragraphs.

Friday May 20/16

Yesterday and today we finished reading to the end of Act 1 and then wrote the memo assignment. (Please see Wednesday’s post for more details.)

Wednesday May 18/16

We’ll start today by discussing the play questions and I’ll give you an additional 15 minutes to add to or revise any of your answers.

Then you’ll move into small groups and take turns reading until the end of Act 1 (We may not get that far this period).

Expect a content quiz when we do get to the end of Act 1.

Please also have a look at the report assignment posted yesterday.