Studying for Exams

Today I’m going to discuss the format for the exam and then I’m going to have you get into your literature circle groups to brainstorm ideas and support for the essay on the exam.

Tomorrow you will get your exam sight passage. Tomorrow is devoted to reading that passage and making annotations. I will collect the passages from you.

Then on Wednesday, you will get the passage back and have the opportunity to discuss it with your classmates. You will return it to me and get it back on exam day.

How to submit Hamlet Projects

After some deliberation I think the easiest way for you to submit your Hamlet projects is on Google Classroom. So log in to Google Classroom and you’ll see an assignment posted for your project and one for your write-up. I know some of you are combining your write-up and project so if that’s the case, no need to submit twice.

If you’re submitting a website:

1) make sure your website is public and published.

2) copy the url (not the one at the top of your screen in editing mode but the url of your site) and the url as a link to the assignment (or if that doesn’t work, you can paste the url into a word doc and submit that)

If you’re submitting a video:

  1. the easiest thing is to publish it on Youtube and submit the link for your video (see above).
  2. If you don’t want  to do that, then make sure you’ve exported your project file to a movie file. You can’t submit project files.

If you have questions message me on Remind or come see me tomorrow morning in the English office.


June 12-June 16

From today until the end of the week we are working on your Hamlet projects. Hamlet-Multigenre-Project-2017 Hamlet-Project-Rubric I will post the powerpoint for act 4 and 5 for you to download and look through but I will not take up class time with a lecture because you need this time to work.

Before we go into details about the Hamlet project I wanted to show you an additional option that didn’t make it onto the handout but one that I think would be really fun:

I want to remind you this is meant to be done entirely in class so here is a schedule I’m proposing:

Monday: Decide on topic, create thesis. Find evidence from the text. Record your evidence here: Hamlet Project Planning Sheet Name

We will be working in the library today because it’s hotter than Hades. So you will have access to computers. I recommend using this online version of Hamlet if you want an online text that has the scenes nicely divided, or this version if you want the full text on one page. The benefit of the second version is that you can hit Ctrl F and search the full text for any names or key words. (You’re welcome. I usually charge $5 for that pro tip).

Tuesday: Continue finding evidence if necessary but by the end of the period you should be working on creating your project.

Wednesday: Project making

Thursday: Project making/write-up

Friday: Edit write-up, submit write-up and project. (more details to follow about submissions).

Hamlet Act 4


If any of you want to do one of the “live” options you need to let me know by the end of class today.

Tuesday June 6/17

Today we will focus on on Hamlet’s famous soliloquy “To Be or Not To Be.”

You are going to do a paraphrase of the soliloquy and then choose which of the following three versions you think is the most effective and why. See the following handout: Paraphrase this! part 3

How did this soliloquy sound in Shakespeare’s time?

If you’d like to know more about the original pronunciation of Shakespeare’s English, watch this video:

Monday June 5/17

Today I’ll start by addressing some of the questions from Act 2.

Then we will watch Act 3 and then do the Act 3 lecture. Hamlet-Act-3 (I’m not going to print off a template for you this time but I still want you do do Cornell style notes and submit them).

I’m also going to hand out your Hamlet projects today. See Friday’s post if you need an online version.


Wednesday May 31/17

We will be doing a lecture on Act 2 of Hamlet today followed by a theme journal.

Hamlet Act 2


Act 2 Theme Journal

Write a one and a half to two page journal response discussing how the theme of your choice has been developed so far (see notes on Key Ideas).

For a level 4 you must demonstrate:

  • proper paragraph development (state, illustrate, explain)
  • proper spelling and grammar
  • use support from the text referenced using this format: (I.ii.54-57)
  • identify 3+ ways the theme you’ve chosen has been developed so far
  • draw conclusions and raise questions that go beyond the obvious

Tuesday May 30/17

Essays due to Turnitin by Sunday at midnight otherwise late mark deductions apply.

The class ID is:15417850

And the enrollment key is ENG4U17

1) Italicize the title of novels in your essay. Don’t put them in quotation marks.

2) Do not bold, italicize, underline the title of your own essay.

3) Don’t give your essay a boring title like Hamlet Essay. Try something like O Heavy Burden: The Weight of Honour and Duty in Hamlet (Yes I know this isn’t a Hamlet essay)

4) Do not summarize the plot. I’ve read your novels. You don’t need to explain who the characters are or how they relate to each other.

5) State, illustrate, explain. State your point; illustrate with an example from the text–either quotation, paraphrase, or summary; explain how the illustration supports your point.

6) Use proper MLA formatting. This is not news. Here are links to help you:

In-text citations e.g. (Findley 25).

Formatting quotations

Works Cited Page

Sample Paper in MLA format


Monday May 29/17

Today we’re going to finish our Act 1 lecture. Then you’ll hand in your notes.

Then we’ll take up the act 1 questions and you’ll have time to tweet. We’ll be watching Act 2 in class tomorrow. If you’re going to be away, take a copy of the play and read act 2.