Welcome to ENG4U! I’m looking forward to an exciting semester with you.

  1. To get started, I’m going to ask you to fill out a student information form:

2. When you’re done, go to Google Classroom and join our class using the code: tjmib0

3. Sign up for text message reminders by texting @8gdk73 to the number 450-900-0126

4. Class rules:

  • snacking in class allowed as long as no trace of garbage or crumbs left behind and provided that we don’t have any food allergies.
  • you can help yourself to tea as long as you bring in your own mug and clean up after yourself
  • cell phones, laptops, tablets permitted and welcome in class as long as they are being used for learning purposes. If in doubt, ask. No earbuds in unless you are doing independent work
  • if you’re late, come in quietly, sign the late sheet and get to work right away. Please don’t interrupt the learning to ask what you missed. You can either speak to me after class or better yet, check the blog.
  • If you are away, please take responsibility for your learning and check the blog before returning to class.
  • “How do I bump up my mark?”

5. What are you going to learn in this class:

4Ucourseoutline 2018 Tipping

By the end of this course, you will need to have mastered the following learning goals:

Develop ideas in properly constructed paragraphs
Incorporate quotations smoothly into your text to support ideas
Provide context for quotations
Use MLA formatting accurately
Understand how and why to cite works

Construct effective analysis of literary texts (not plot summary)
Construct critical interpretations of contemporary non-fiction texts
Independently select and use reading comprehension strategies for challenging texts
Develop effective discussion questions

Understand the features of a variety of media texts
Communicate ideas effectively in multimedia texts
Develop effective critical questions of media texts
Be able to identify examples of bias in media texts

Listening and Speaking Skills
Ask effective questions during small group and whole class discussions
Deliver engaging and well organized presentations
Support ideas with effective visuals
Use effective note taking skills during lectures, videos, presentations, etc.

How would you know if you achieved the goal?