Friday June 1

Your Hamlet projects are due today. Some of you have shared them with me already but please also submit them on Google Classroom. Remember, what I’m looking for is this:

How well does your project identify and analyse the perspectives in Hamlet and the questions they raise about beliefs, values, identity, and power?

I have finalized the details of your Hamlet essays and posted the details in Google classroom. Remember, these are due June 11 but I will accept them as late as June 15 without deducting late marks.

You’ll see I’ve provided templates for you and that there is now the option to write a report instead of an essay. Read through the templates carefully because in addition to showing your what the essay/report should look like, I’ve woven in tips to help you be as successful as possible. While it is entirely up to you whether you write an essay or a report, there are pros and cons to both and I have made suggestions about which one you should do depending on your topic and pathway after high school. Read those details carefully.

I’ve made copies of both the essay template and report template for everyone through Google classroom. You can edit directly in the template I’ve given you.