Tuesday June 12

Thanks for your work on the quotation analysis exercise yesterday. I’ll be handing them back to you and ask you to pair up with someone and exchange your analyses. Then I want you to act as “critical friends” to help each other improve the analysis. You will revise your analysis and resubmit. (On Google classroom because we have the chromebooks today.)

Then I’m going to have you turn your focus to your blog posts. I want you to review your blog posts (knowing that you have one final blog post on Friday).

  1. First, go to this blog post and remind yourself what the qualities of an effective blog post and comment are.
  2. Then identify your strongest post, your weakest post, and your favourite post. Have a list of reasons why and make sure you are referring to the qualities of an effective blog post.
  3. Choose your weakest blog post and use it to showcase what you have learned about writing to “bump it up” and make it an example of your best writing by ensuring your writing has
    1. unity and coherence
    2. correct punctuation and citation of quotations
    3. a summary and paraphrase
    4. correct use of commas, dash, semicolon, and apostrophes
    5. effective paragraph development: state, illustrate, explain.
  4. Publish a second version of your weakest blog post.
  5. Install the Chrome extension, Vidyard.
  6. Make a screencast of you discussing your different blog posts:
    1. Introduce your strongest, weakest, and favourite blog post.
    2. Explain why they are your strongest, weakest, and favourite.
    3. Show me your revised blog post.
    4. Explain what you did to make your blog post better.
    5. The ultimate goal here is to have you demonstrate how you’ve grown as a writer this semester.
  7. Submit your link to your screencast on Google Classroom.