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  1. Kiano-Dragon Ball Super: Great job with speaking on the topic of both the show and the mediaversity question and grading. Each point was talked well about. When you talked about the LGBTQ part you didn’t just say there’s just these 2, you gave evidence to support. Great Job. I’ll have to watch the show.

  2. Brittany-Grey’s Anatomy: I like how you guys showed passion about your topic. You guys discussed everything in the mediaversity. One thing is though what was the overall grade that you gave it? Still a good job.

    Great job! I liked how you included the comment that someone left who related to the same condition that Jesus had. It shows that including diversity can really connect to people and change the way they look at things. Lastly, I agree that The Fosters is one of the best shows on TV right now because of the way it includes so many unique characters that can relate to a lot of people.

  4. This honestly seemed like a legit podcast. I’m not sure how you were able to keep the conversation flowing so well through over twenty minutes, that was really impressive. Even though I haven’t even seen the show, I was able to get a good idea of how it handles representation. This was all just one continuous take, right?

  5. Zoe and Lucy: Hi guys, i really liked how well your discussion flowed, it was like a real podcast. You addressed a lot of flaws in the shows cast members. I thought i got a really good description of the show even though i have never seen it before. its impressive how long you kept the discussion going.

  6. I really enjoyed Brittany’s Grey’s Anatomy Podcast you obviously knew the show very well and did a great job of analyzing everything covered on mediaversity. I stopped watching the show a couple months ago but your podcast has made me want to get back into it. My only question is what would you grade the show overall?

    • Overall I would grade it a 10/10 because i thought the cast was very diverse in all aspects of it and it got more diverse as the seasons went on.

  7. Blindside
    great job guys, I liked how detailed you were and how professional you guys sounded. I also like how you pointed out that the main character sways from the stereotypes of the African-American character being violent and scary but rather in this movie he is the gentle giant. I love this movie, great choice and really well executed.

  8. Full Metal Alchemist
    I agree with Matt when he said that this really sounded like a real podcast. I could sense how much you guys knew about it. My brother really loves this show so I have seen a few episodes with him and I was able to relate and connect with some of the points you guys had. Awesome job!:)

  9. Sophie and Payton – The Fosters

    Great job with your podcast! I really enjoyed listening to it. I was really impressed with the thorough discussion on each character and examples from the show as well as how you talked a bit about the theme song and the message the show was trying to portray. I have seen this show before and I think that you broke down the various components of diversity in media really well ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Mackenzie: I thought the way you started the podcast was really creative and i liked it. I have never seen Breaking Bad but you gave me a good idea of what it is about and now I am interested in watching it. I thought that you analyzed the shows diversity really well and covered everything on mediaversity. I enjoyed listening to your podcast!

  11. The Fosters: Hey Sophie and Payton! I really like your podcast, and I think you gave it an appropriate rating. I agree when you talk about how in the media there is a under representation of all races. This is true and the fact that the show has a variety of races is a good thing. Good job!

    The Blind Side. I have seen this movie and really enjoy it. I think it was a good choice to rate for your podcast. The amount of help they provide for Michael warms my heart. I agree that the stereotypes you mentioned in the podcast are present in this movie . Even though these are not necessarily true. Nice podcast I like your ads!

  12. Rayne and Alex – Full Metal Alchemist

    Wow! Rayne and Alex you both did a great job with this podcast. Your discussion on each point seemed to flow really well and the podcast sounded like an actual genuine conversation which is awesome. I have not heard of this show before so it was really interesting to hear about something new. Great job overall I was really impressed! Maybe you should film more podcasts for fun! I would definitely listen to them ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Mackenzie: I enjoyed listening to your podcast! You addressed some very good points. After watching this show and listening to your podcast, it was clear to me how many more roles played by men there were, than women. There was no equality in gender roles. Like you said, the biases in the show were shown due to the directors being “white successful males”. I agreed with your point about the character, Walter Jr, being played by someone who has cerebral palsy in real life, and not by an actor who is pretending. This will increase the likelihood of viewing films and shows with disabilities. I thought your advertisement was well done and I liked how in the end you mentioned to “stay tuned”, etc., which made it interesting!

  14. Sarah: Nice job with your podcast! It was funny at times and very smooth as well. I have never seen this film before, but after listening, you gave me a good idea of what it was about. From what I heard, the movie could have had a little more diversity and more relatable characters that are appealing to the audience. As well, there could have been more representation of the LGBTQ+ community. I liked how you talked about how all directors and writers of the film are caucasian males. Only 1 female is a producer, and the remaining 9 are males! That is a surprising stat I find, since you mentioned the movie is almost majority female roles (and the main character is a female too). I wish you could have used a couple more examples for each subject (race, gender, etc.) when discussing so I could get a bit better of an understanding!

  15. Marisa & Emma Family Guy. Loved your podcast it was fantastic, I agree completely with you analysis of Family Guy as not being great to minorities as it makes jokes about them constantly. I also agree that Joe is a prominent character with a disability however I must disagree, I think he is represented pretty poorly as it frequently compares him to an infant. I think they are fairly rude to have quite frequently.

  16. Zoe and Lucy- The way that you start with the music was a pretty catchy way to start it. The background that you give on the movie also would help me to understand what the movie was all about if I hadn’t already seen it. In saying that, this movie is one of my all-time is my favourite movie. Zoe, I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about the theme! One thing that. What I really enjoyed about this podcast was that half way through you began to have a very flowing conversation instead of just a question and answer! By doing this it made it really easy to listen to it. I really enjoyed your podcast.

  17. Family Guy-Marissa and Emma
    I really enjoyed your podcast! I especially liked when you talked about stereotypes like Lois as the typical mom who only does things around the house. I also thought it was really interesting how you talked about how Joe was shown as a strong character who is disabled when pretty much everyone else in the show is made fun of or makes fun of others.

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