Today I’m a good teacher

I don’t always feel like a good teacher.

Most days I feel like a really bad teacher. I’m pretty clear about what I’m good at and what I’m not good at, and I know (I know, I know, I know) I spend much more time focusing on what I’m not good at. I’ve just finished having an AWESOME time performing in an amazing play with some amazing people. Two of these people are also teachers who I very much respect, and one night I vented to the one teacher and said, “I just think it’s impossible to be the kind of teacher I want to be.”

Maybe that’s true. I’ve spent the past three (almost) months feeling glum and disenchanted because not all of the students that I teach responded positively to all the work that I did to include more web 2.0 technology in the classroom. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that some of my students have been downright hostile about technology. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering why on earth I was knocking myself out trying to find meaningful and engaging activities when all they (and I’m generalizing) wanted was multiple choice quizzes and Q and A from a text book. Don’t forget that I’m also at a new school this year and missing my support network and not always “feeling the love” when it comes to my perception of how my ideas are perceived by my colleagues.

Well today one of my 4C students asked to talk to me outside of class and I thought “Uh-huh. You don’t have your homework done. Here comes the excuse.” Then she said that she just wanted to tell me that she got her midterm report and was thrilled with her mark. She said English had never really been her thing before and that she really enjoyed the assignments that we were doing and just wanted to thank me.

So needless to say I had a slightly teary moment and thanked her right back.

This student made my day. Probably my semester.

And what I’m going to try to do with this is hang on to that feeling and remember that there are students who might hate me, but there are also students who might feel the same as that girl who went to the trouble to pull me out of class to tell me how she felt.

I hope you guys remember that you have students like that too.

3 thoughts on “Today I’m a good teacher

  1. why is it that we only seem to remember the yucky memories as opposed to the wonderful moments, sparse as they may be…