Remember ‘zines?

Yeah, me neither. I know what they are. They’re self-published alternative magazines that started as a punk thing in the 70s. I think they had some popularity in the early 90s which is when I first saw the term–but I never experienced it as part of my own pop culture. I think I only ever saw the term in newer textbooks, specifically my french cahier, where hip literacy experts wanted to make sure that they included a more diverse collection of reading materials when they spoke about literacy.

But why are we still talking about zines in 2008? Let the zine rest. It’s not cool. It’s not relevant. 

Or am I wrong? Are people still making zines? If so I really hope they’re using recycled paper.



2 thoughts on “‘Zines???

  1. I know what you mean about the 90s zines — but I think they’ve undergone a rebirth digitally: slate.com, for example, is just one of many electronic zines (or at least what I would consider them). At the Women’s Bookstore here in Toronto, there are a number of feminist and LGBT zines that are definitely worth reading and more provocative than what you could find in mainstream magazines…