My Thoughts on Prezi

I’ve been playing with Prezi for a workshop I’m giving tomorrow on Ning. The presentation is based on the action research project I wrote about in my previous post.

I’m not completely sure what I think about prezi yet, but here’s what I like about it:

  • It’s a great way to begin a presentation if you’re not completely sure where you want to go with it yet.
  • It works like an interactive mind map and the canvas is infinite which works well for messy thinkers like me.
  • I also like the non-linear nature of the platform because I create paths and jump back and forth all over the place.
  • It also looks pretty cool, and
  • I like that I can access it online.

Here’s what I don’t love:

  • You can’t add hyperlinks. You can put urls into the presentation and they will work, but it doesn’t look very slick, and I’m not sure why prezi can’t do this.
  • It doesn’t work with Firefox. This is perhaps not a fair criticism because I think it’s Firefox’s fault, not Prezi’s.
  • It seems to encourage “texty” presentations. I’m trying very hard to break with my old practice of plastering text all over the screen or reading my presentation from slides. To my, Keynote seems to be more conducive to minimalist Zen-like presentations.
  • Prezi doesn’t seem to be compatible with the slow-as-molasses computers at my school, so when I tried to show it to my students, I looked lame.

At any rate, here’s my presentation. Enjoy!

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