bring_it_onHere we go again folks. I feel the reassuring surge of confidence knowing that I feel completely unprepared for another school year, and I always feel completely unprepared for another school year, and somehow everything goes just fine.

I have had my requisite anxiety dreams: One featuring a former student named Rusty–a student whom I have not thought about in probably five years. And one involving being very very very late for school and doing something inappropriate.

I have purchased new shoes. Boots actually. Knee-high cowboy-inspired boots. Change is good.

I think I know what I’ll be wearing on the first day but that may change if this super hot humid weather keeps up.

I have been to Staples to buy new pens. Unfortunately, they don’t have my see-through plastic envelopes that I like to keep assignments in. I have some left over but they’re not in good shape. This is causing me some anxiety.

I have read the new books that are going to be added to our 4U English course. I am so psyched to be able to offer Three Day Road as a literature circle novel choice! (EEEE!) And I think I’ve figured out how the short stories and essays will function as mentor texts for the literature circle novels. This was no small feat. I hope to write out the unit plan somehow and share it, although there’s all this overlap so it’s very complicated.

I’ve got my welcome movies completed. Just need to update the website.

Really. If I fell through a wormhole and tomorrow suddenly became the first day of school, I’d be fine. Sure…. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

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