Procrastination or process?

When I’m planning for something new (a course, a big paper, etc.) I tend to spend a lot of time doing what looks like unproductive work. I beat myself up about it and it fills me with anxiety and dread, particularly when I have a looming deadline. I stare at the computer screen or blank piece of paper and berate myself saying, “Come ON! Just DO something! MAKE something! Stop wasting time!” I click through links on Twitter, check Facebook, end up with 15 different tabs open on my browser, spend time that later seems completely unnecessary writing things on post it notes and scattering them all over the desk top, wall, cat….

But eventually the inspiration hits. The flow starts. I create stuff.

So is it procrastination or part of the process?


2 thoughts on “Procrastination or process?

  1. Maybe it’s not really procrastination but just a necessary gestational phase of the ideas. Your post described my process perfectly, right down to the post it notes!