Good stuff

I haven’t posted in ages–which is terrible. I miss my lovely blog.

I’m very very busy right now, but I want to take a moment to record good news:

Today everyone in my most challenging class brought their work. Yes. They all brought their binders. Sure some of those binders looked like they’d been run over by a pickup truck and sure some of those binders had a whole bunch of papers for several other courses stuffed in them, but when I asked everyone to get out their rough drafts from Friday…. they did! I didn’t need to make extra photocopies! It was incredible!

Also I’m learning Danish and was able to tell my grandfather last night (in Danish), “I understand a little Danish.” and “How’s it going?” And I told my mom (in Danish) “I think you speak very good Danish.”

And my mom replied with something rather naughty (in Danish).

Keep learning!


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