Pedagogy of Multiliteracies Day 1

1) During our first class I will refer to a survey I’d like you to complete. Here it is!

2) Think about how you would redesign that survey for use with your students in your next practicum placement and be prepared to discuss your ideas next week.

3) Please read the Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada Position Statement.

4) Here’s what you need to do for next week:
a) Make sure you’ve completed the above literacy survey. Come prepared to share the changes you would make to it to use with your students in your next placement.
b) Familiarize yourself with the chart for analysing texts. We’ll discuss it next week.
c) Have a look through the following professional educator blogs and think about the conscious (and perhaps unconscious) choices these educators have made about how they present themselves online and what they choose to use their blogs for.
• Zoe Branigan Pipe -
• Rodd Lucier -
• Jaclyn Calder

Here are the slides from yesterday’s class:

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