Tuesday December 8/15

Today we’re going to focus on what makes a good discussion question.

This connects to the following learning goals and success criteria for this unit:

Learning Goal

We are learning to use oral communication skills and collaborative skills to share and build knowledge about a text.

Success Criteria

  • I can demonstrate responsibility and accountability by completing my reading and preparing my notes and questions prior to our group meeting
  • I can identify key ideas and questions that I want to pose to my group that help enhance my own understanding and the group’s understanding of a text

Look at the following examples. The examples in the “yes” column are examples of the concept I want you to understand. The examples in the no column are not.


Yes No
How might the main character in the story react if she hadn’t known the details about the event? What is the main character’s name?
Why might the narrator choose to make “Earth sandwiches with someone on the other side of the world.” ? What did Laura say to her mother when she talked to her on the phone?
How will the main character’s mother cope with the fact that her son has rebelled against the family’s wishes? Why does Jimmy claim to be afraid of heights?
What would you do if you were in the main character’s position? When can the main character leave the hospital?


When would it be acceptable for the main character to resort to violence?

Where did Mrs.Tipping buy her shoes?

How would the villain justify his actions?

How can Billy redeem himself?

What is Jake’s explanation for burning down the convenience store?

How would you describe the author’s attitude toward the subject matter?

Please use the rest of the period to generate at least 3 discussion questions for your meeting tomorrow and finish your reader’s journals.