Wednesday December 9/15

We’re beginning our literature circle meetings today. It’s really important that we talk about what constitutes good oral communication skills since that’s one of your learning goals for this unit:

Learning Goal                                             Success Criteria

We are learning to use oral communication skills and collaborative skills to share and build knowledge about a text. ·          I can demonstrate responsibility and accountability by completing my reading and preparing my notes and questions prior to our group meeting

·         I can identify key ideas and questions that I want to pose to my group that help enhance my own understanding and the group’s understanding of a text

·         I can listen effectively and respond to the ideas of others

·         I can present my ideas clearly in an informal small group setting

·         I can build on ideas from other group members by asking clarifying questions and making connections

So let’s focus on what active listening looks like and then let’s talk about strategies for building on ideas and keeping the conversation going.

Then you can get into your meeting groups.

The process for a literature circle meeting is as follows:

1) Make sure you’ve got your questions and reader’s journal ready to go.

2) Get comfy, make sure you can see everyone’s face.

3) Start by clearing the air. Is there anything you need to get off your chest before you can dive into the discussion.

4) Take turns going around the circle and identifying some of the insights you noted in your journal.

5) Go around again if you have more to add.

6) Take turns asking your discussion questions.

7) As a group try to sum up the most interesting ideas your group discussed.

8) Thank your group members for being prepared and sharing their ideas.