Thursday December 10/15

Today is a blogging day. The goal of your blog is to synthesize the learning you’ve done in your reader’s journals and your literature circle discussion.

For this week I’ll let you decide what topic you want to write about. Choose something that sparked a lot of discussion in your group. It could be something you all agreed on or something that there was a lot of disagreement about. It could be something that you still have a lot of questions about. Whatever you choose to write about, you should attempt to draw some conclusions. It’s okay to change your mind about these conclusions, but in essence you are completing the “and so” part of the phrase “It says, I think, and so…”

Once your blog post is done, you’ll comment on at least two other blog posts. Remember, a good comment extends the conversation:┬áCompliment, Comment, Question

Today we learned that if you don’t do your preparation for your literature circle meeting, there are real-world consequences: you let down your group members. We’ll talk about how to deal with this tomorrow.