Wednesday December 16/15

Learning Goals

We are learning to use oral communication skills and collaborative skills to share and build knowledge about a text.

Success Criteria
• I can demonstrate responsibility and accountability by completing my reading and preparing my notes and questions prior to our group meeting
• I can identify key ideas and questions that I want to pose to my group that help enhance my own understanding and the group’s understanding of a text
• I can listen effectively and respond to the ideas of others
• I can present my ideas clearly in an informal small group setting
• I can build on ideas from other group members by asking clarifying questions and making connections

1) Review your reflection sheets from last time, and  reflect on which one of the success criteria is your goal for this week. Think about what specific steps you’ve already taken or can take to ensure you will meet that goal.

2) Review steps for literature circle meeting:

  1. Get anything that bugs you off your chest
  2. Take turns sharing key ideas from readers journals
  3. Take turns sharing discussion questions.
  4. Thank group members for their contributions
  5. Try to summarize most important ideas

3) Today I’m going to give you sentence starters to help you build on ideas and respond to ideas using academic language. I want you to try to use some of these sentence starters in today’s discussion.

4) Remember, in order to participate in today’s meeting you must have your reader’s journal complete. If you don’t, please come and see me for an alternate assignment.

5) Once your meeting is done (if time permits) we’ll reconvene to discuss possible blog topics for tomorrow.