Thursday November 9

Media projects due this Friday!

We are moving on to Macbeth and we’ll begin by discussing the concept of morality with the article you were assigned earlier this week. What Makes Us Moral We will take up the questions and then I’m going to give you the focus question for our study of Macbeth:

Does power inevitably lead to corruption?

What questions could we explore to help us answer this question?

You will be working in home groups and expert groups as you study the play and explore these questions.


Team Macbeth Abby T, Abby S, Era, Alyssa, Malik
Team Duncan Molly, Marisa, Jack, Zina, Ryan
Team Banquo Emily, Claudia, Lewis, Lauren Robbins
Team Macduff Kate, Robin, Maggie, Julia
Team Malcolm Alex, Lauren Rowe, Christos, Gana
Team Witches Josh A, Christine, Josh G, Eleyas
Team Lady Macb Ethan, Aidan, Madison, Scott

Expert Groups

Marxist Abby T, Molly, Emily,  Kate, Alex,  Josh A, Ethan,
Feminist Abby S, Marisa, Claudia, Robin,  Lauren Rowe, Christine, Aidan,  Ryan,
Psychoanalytic Era, Jack, Lewis, Maggie,  Christos,  Josh G, Chris,  Madison
Archetypal Alyssa, Zina, Lauren Robbins, Julia, Gana, Eleyas, Scott, Malik

Get into expert groups and review key ideas of the theory and questions you should be attempting to answer as you watch the film.