Thursday November 23/17

Today we did some silent reading and we will again tomorrow so please bring your books.

1) Introducing Cornell style notes. You will use these during our lecture on Act 1.

2) Act 1 Lecture:

3) Act 1 Challenge:

Getting Gify with It

Choose a scene from Act 1 and retell the scene using only GIFs.  The winning team will be the first one that guesses each group’s scene summary correctly.

  • Each team will get its own Twitter account.
  • You will be randomly assigned a scene to summarize.
  • Be crafty with your GIF choices. Don’t be literal. It needs to be possible for groups to guess your scene using the GIFs you chose but you don’t want to make it easy or that decreases your team’s chance of winning the challenge. How? In my experience, it’s easiest to brainstorm key words for the events and ideas you want to communicate like “manipulation, power, evil, darkness, blood,”    Search the GIFs using one of those key words and then choose one that’s not too literal or perhaps suggests something about implicit meaning rather than the explicit meaning of the text.
  • You must have a minimum of 5 GIFs.
  • Tweet your first GIF normally and then for each subsequent tweets, do them as replies to form a thread. Only one person per team needs to actually tweet. The rest of you are responsible for helping with the brainstorming and GIF selection—and then of course guessing.

We will do this tomorrow after you have time to summarize your notes.