Wednesday September 12

We’ll begin with silent reading.

Yesterday we worked on applying our knowledge of literary devices to the short story “The Boat.” You are responsible for having the entire assignment completed by Friday.

Next, consider the following quotation:

There are no hidden meanings. If such things as hidden meanings can be said to exist, they are hidden by readers’ habits and prejudices (by readers’ assumptions that what they read should tell them what they already know), or by readers’ timidity and passivity (by their unwillingness to take the responsibility to speak their minds and say what they notice).”

Think about whether you agree or disagree with the quotation and why. Write your thoughts.

Our focus today turns to the way we interpret literature.

You will read an article called “On Interpretation” and create point-form notes. See Google Classroom for this article and questions. If you need a paper copy I will have a few extra available.