Monday September 24

A couple reminders first:

1) Your rhetoric assignment was due Friday. If you didn’t complete it on time we’re giving you one last chance. Hand it in by 4:00 today or it’s a zero.

2) You will have a quiz on logos, pathos, and ethos tomorrow.


Ms. Armstrong is going to talk to you about a reading strategy that she has used in university.

Essentially, before you start reading, you break up the text into visible and manageable chunks. At the end of each chunk, you think of something to say. It could be a question, a comment, a connection, an emotional reaction–anything like that is fine.

Why it works: Breaking a text into smaller chunks makes it seem less daunting. It gives you goals that are easy to achieve. Talking back to the text works because it gives you a focus which makes you more likely to engage with the text rather than just skim over it.

You will be practicing this with the following essay: Eng3U1TortureMichael-Levin-2 (1)  See Google Classroom for more details.

You will be annotating the essay which can be done by hand or online. We will show you how to annotate the essay using Google Docs.

The questions on Google Classroom are due today (if you don’t finish them in class, they are homework). You must submit your annotated essay as well as the answers to the questions.