Wednesday September 26

Presentation day. Be aware that you are being marked on the following:

Presentation Tips

  1. Do not read your slides. Look at your audience.
  2. Do not read from your notes. Look at your audience.
  3. Do not fill your slides with text that’s small and hard to read.
  4. Use images to reinforce key ideas, but one large image is better than lots of small ones. If you can’t find a good image—don’t use one.
  5. Don’t use clip art.
  6. Your slides should reinforce your presentation—they should not replace your presentation.
  7. Practice. Everyone should know what part of the presentation they are speaking to. Do not decide that during the presentation.
  8. Don’t fidget, giggle, say “um” or “like” a lot. If you don’t look like you know what you’re talking about, it’s hard to inspire confidence in your audience.


Remember, you are marked individually.

For a level 4, this is what I expect:

  • Knowledge: demonstrates excellent knowledge and understanding of literary criticism through correct definitions, explanation, and terminology.
  • Thinking: demonstrates excellent planning and processing skills through the fulfillment of role and use of time and resources.
  • Communication: demonstrates excellent oral and visual communication through the application of effective presentation techniques

Additionally, if your review your assignment in Google Classroom, you will see that you have a reflection to complete. This is necessary for full marks. You can complete it directly on the assignment sheet in Google classroom. When you’ve finished it, click submit.

See below:



After presenting, complete this reflection as honestly and accurately as you can:

Using the above criteria, circle the level you think you achieved and explain why. (Provide an explanation for each criterion.

Criteria Level Explanation
Knowledge R  1 2  3 4
Thinking R  1 2  3 4
Communication R  1 2  3 4


Identify one specific goal that you would like to work on for your next collaborative activity. What’s a specific step you can take to achieve this goal? (PS I’m not asking whether you like collaborating. That’s not optional)

Finally, we’d like you vote on the topic you’re most interested in debating.


What debate topic would you be most interested in discussing (remember you may not get the side of the debate you want)?

Is human euthanasia justified?
Fully automated cars: good or bad?
Patients should not be allowed to refuse treatment based on religious beliefs.
Participation in a sport should be mandatory.
Animals are better than humans.
All bathrooms should be non-gender specific.
Freedom of speech can have no limitations.
Fast food chains should be illegal
Parents should have to attend parenting classes before having a child.
Sexism, racism, classism etc. is acceptable in rap and other forms of music.
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