Thursday October 18

Today we’re going to talk MLA formatting.

And I was thinking to myself, I wonder if any English teacher has done a song to help students remember the details of MLA formatting. And OF COURSE someone has. And it’s….. awkward.

Here is my go-to resource for formatting a paper using MLA.

PS There is no point in memorizing any of this. I have written countless papers in MLA and APA and I still have to look it all up. What you do need to know how to follow a style guide.

So we’re going to practice this by trying to fix a really bad essay. See Google Classroom for more details. This is tricky. You won’t be able to fix everything. Do as much as you can so we can talk about it tomorrow.

When you feel like you just can’t handle fixing any more of the essay (don’t worry about the content–we’re literally just looking at formatting), start brainstorming idea for your essay. This can be done by mindmapping, googling essay topics, making lists, free-writing, or even talking to someone else. You must submit SOMETHING that shows evidence of your brainstorming. So if you’re brainstorming orally, record your discussion and upload your discussion to Google classroom.