Thursday November 9

Media projects due this Friday!

We are moving on to Macbeth and we’ll begin by discussing the concept of morality with the article you were assigned earlier this week. What Makes Us Moral We will take up the questions and then I’m going to give you the focus question for our study of Macbeth:

Does power inevitably lead to corruption?

What questions could we explore to help us answer this question?

You will be working in home groups and expert groups as you study the play and explore these questions.


Team Macbeth Abby T, Abby S, Era, Alyssa, Malik
Team Duncan Molly, Marisa, Jack, Zina, Ryan
Team Banquo Emily, Claudia, Lewis, Lauren Robbins
Team Macduff Kate, Robin, Maggie, Julia
Team Malcolm Alex, Lauren Rowe, Christos, Gana
Team Witches Josh A, Christine, Josh G, Eleyas
Team Lady Macb Ethan, Aidan, Madison, Scott

Expert Groups

Marxist Abby T, Molly, Emily,  Kate, Alex,  Josh A, Ethan,
Feminist Abby S, Marisa, Claudia, Robin,  Lauren Rowe, Christine, Aidan,  Ryan,
Psychoanalytic Era, Jack, Lewis, Maggie,  Christos,  Josh G, Chris,  Madison
Archetypal Alyssa, Zina, Lauren Robbins, Julia, Gana, Eleyas, Scott, Malik

Get into expert groups and review key ideas of the theory and questions you should be attempting to answer as you watch the film.

Wednesday November 8

Last day for working on media projects. If you’re done, please ensure that you have the article I posted Monday read and the questions done.

Monday November 6

Today you will have a work period in the library for your media projects. The project is due on Friday in Google classroom.

Thinking ahead… we will be moving on to Macbeth next. If you want to start looking ahead, have a look at this What Makes Us Moral.

Thursday November 2

Today is our awards assembly so we will have a shortened class that runs from 9:30-10:30

In groups of 7 you will be rotating through a series of stations to explore a series of media texts and record notes on how the media changes/shapes the messages.

Wednesday November 1

Finishing the double entry journal

You’ve all received comments on your progress on the double entry journal. Please finish your journal using the feedback provided and submit your journal by the end of the period.

Tracing a Story Across Different Media

Now that you’ve experienced the story as a graphic novel, you will explore the ways in which different media add to or change your understanding of the story. Gord Downie wrote ten different songs to tell the story of Chanie Wenjack. The lyrics appear in the graphic novel, but how does the music affect our understanding of the lyrics?

There is also an animated film that combines the music with the illustrations from the graphic novel. Explore the different resources listed below and consider how the medium changes the message.

Secret Path Film

How do the animated versions of the illustrations change the way you experience the story? Think especially about how in the graphic text, time is illustrated through the length of panels. How is this different in the animated version of the story? Is one more preferable than the other?

Secret Path Songs

Listen to the songs from the above film. Close your eyes and focus on the music — without the visuals. How does this change your experience? The lyrics are presented in the graphic novel. What does the music add to your understanding?

Secret Path Website

What do you see as soon as you open the page? What’s the first thing that strikes you? What do you think the overall purpose of the website is? How does the design of the website communicate this overall purpose? Make sure you also click on the buttons at the top of the page to navigate through the other sections of the website.

Maclean’s Article from 1967 about Chanie Wenjack

This is a non-fiction article written about Chanie Wenjack. Consider the fact that the article was written in 1967 and that there have been a lot of changes in attitudes when it comes to Canada’s relationship with its Indigenous peoples. What do you notice about the author’s tone and the language he uses? How does this account of the story differ from the graphic novel? How might the different media used in each case account for this?

Preview of Wenjack Novella by Joseph Boyden

You can read selections from the novella from this Google book search result. This is another fictionalized version of Chanie Wenjack’s story, but as a novella (short novel) instead of a graphic text. What can this medium do that the graphic novel cannot?