Tuesday September 11

Make sure you have a device. Today we’re diving right into applying our knowledge of literary devices to “The Boat.”  See Google Classroom.

Monday September 10

  1. 20 minutes of silent reading.
  2. Your homework was to read the short story, The Boat. Before we get to that, we’ll finish the powerpoint from Friday on elements of fiction (see Friday’s post).
  3. Go on to Google Classroom and complete the chart posted for The Boat. (We will work on this in class tomorrow).

Friday September 7

I hope you remembered your silent reading books today!

We’ll read for 20 minutes. After reading, be prepared to share one connection you were able to make. Text to self, text to text, or text to world.

Then we’ll get back to the learning goal discussion from yesterday for a little bit.


  1. Today we’re going to review the Elements-of-Fiction and apply them to the short story TheBoat by Alistair MacLeod. Have the story read for Monday’s class please.

Wednesday September 5

Welcome back!

Please bring a book to read for Friday’s class.

Today we’re going to begin with the “exit ticket” that we ran out of time for yesterday (see yesterday’s post).

Then we’ll dig into the learning goals for our first unit and talk about what you will have to do to demonstrate that you can meet those goals.

After we’ve done that, you’ll get to work on the diagnostic so we can determine where your strengths and areas for improvement are. You can access this on Google classroom, or if you’re not able to log in yet, we have a few paper copies for you.

If there’s any time left, you can start reading the short story, TheBoat.