Friday May 25

Just a reminder of what I’m expecting for your presentations next week:

  1. Be prepared to present Monday. Presentation order will be random.
  2. Make sure you have handouts for your classmates. If you don’t want to print out handouts, you can share digital copies with them. Your handout should be no more than a page and should contain your thesis and supporting details. Here is a digital version of Hamlet you can use for citations. Remember, you cite Shakespeare like this (Act. Scene. Lines) = (4.2.23-24). You may not need citations for you presentation but you will for your essay. 
  3. Remember, the focus for marks for the presentation is this list of success criteria:
    1. Make eye contact with my audience when speaking;
    2. Speak without reading from slides or cue cards;
    3. Create slides that emphasize key ideas but do not stand in for them;
    4. Use a minimal amount of text on the screen;
    5. Choose eye-catching, high resolution images to emphasize key ideas in my presentation;
  4. Your actual projects are due on Friday and will be assessed for this expectation (which actually comes from the reading strand, but is one we have not yet adequately addressed):
    1. 1.8 identify and analyse the perspectives and/or biases evident in texts, including complex and challenging texts, commenting with understanding and increasing insight on any questions they may raise about beliefs, values, identity, and power

In other words, how well does your project identify and analyse the perspectives in Hamlet and the questions they raise about beliefs, values, identity, and power?

The randomly selected presentation order is:

  • Brittany
  • Alex and Rayne
  • Payton
  • Sophie
  • Lucy, Kyra, Zoe
  • Noah, Ben, Tyler
  • Mackenzie and Marissa
  • Elis and Matt
  • Emma
  • Kiano
  • Sarah