Friday May 4

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Canon Fodder Article

The Missing Voices Hamlet Project

Here’s a summary of what we discussed in class today:

  1. We decided that you could choose whether you want to use class time next week for working on your literature circle essay or for getting a head start on your Hamlet project. Either way, the literature circle essay is due on May 14. It must be submitted to Google Classroom. It must show evidence of peer editing and revision (which I can check provided it was all done in Google docs and you shared your essay with your peer editor). You must submit your outline and your concept map.
  2. I will provide an outline in Google classroom but you are not obligated to use it. You may create your own outline.
  3. Word count for the essay is between 1000 to 1500 words. But as you know, I’m not picky about word counts.
  4. Please make sure you read over the assessment criteria very carefully for the literature circle essay. Here it is again for your reference: ENG4U Unit 3 Culminating Task


Wednesday May 2

Today we’re going to focus on reading strategies for challenging texts and then in your literature circle group you will get a scholarly essay on your novel to read as a group. You will each be responsible for reading a chunk of the essay and identifying main idea and supporting details. These essays are pretty challenging and I want you to think about strategies you use when you encounter terminology you don’t understand.

Monday April 30

I will be working from home on a curriculum project but I’m still available for questions. Here’s what you’re working on:

Create a concept map that allows you to explore the ways that two different literary theory revealed insights into big ideas in your novel. Use your reader’s journals (If I have yours I’ve left them in the folder on the desk at the front of our room. You will need to return your reader’s journals if you want me to mark them.

If you need a reminder of what should be in your concept map. Take a look at this handout : Literary-Criticism-Concept-Map

I also have these handouts for you: POSTCOLONIAL FEMINIST ARCHETYPAL Literary Criticism

There will be big pieces of paper available for you on my desk.

Don’t focus on what the concept map looks like. Focus on the process and the ideas.

I did a partial exemplar for you to give you a sense of what it could look like and how it could lead you toward an essay idea.

I am happy to facetime with you guys or text via Remind if you need help. This is not an easy assignment. It requires a lot of concentration and it is a required part of the unit culminating task.

Tomorrow you will be expected to give me a working thesis.

Good luck!


Wednesday April 25

Apologies for not posting yesterday. We analyzed this article and looked at how the author used sentence variety, punctuation, and repetition to enhance his ideas.

Then we finished watching Hamlet.

Here’s what we’re doing today:

Tomorrow is your final literature circle meeting. While some of you may not be submitting reader’s journals you should all have notes complete highlighting the insights you will be bringing to tomorrow’s meeting. You also need to have your five discussion questions completed.

As you know, your culminating task for this is an essay. To help you begin planning for your essay, I’m going to have you create a concept map that illustrates what each literary theory you examined revealed about your text. This will be your consolidation piece for this week’s meeting as well as pre-writing work for your essay. Here’s the plan for the next few days:

Wednesday April 25: literature circle preparation/concept mapping/Hamlet planning

Thursday April 26: Final literature circle meeting

Monday April 30: Concept mapping and conferencing

Tuesday May 1: Thesis approval

We will have some additional time to work on this in class and we will agree on a deadline together.


Monday April 23

We’ll start today with discussing the panel presentation from period 2 today. Then we’ll move on to Hamlet.

We need to do this:

Guiding Questions:

1) What are your thoughts on cultural proficiency? Do you feel comfortable defining the term in your own words? What does cultural proficiency look like?

2) How can our South community move forward with cultural proficiency? What would you like to see happen here at South?

3) How will you intentionally work at becoming a more engaged citizen?

Please remember, your third and final literature circle meeting is this Thursday.

Friday April 19

Blogging article for today. Or this one.


Before you start, I want you to take a look at your blog posts and COMMENTS and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Then I want you to fill out the following form:

(If you need a reminder about the criteria for effective blog posts and comments are click here)


Thursday April 19

We’ll start with reading time this afternoon and then move on to Hamlet. Be prepared to blog tomorrow. FYI your homework should be reading and working on your journals (even if you aren’t submitting your journals this time you will need notes for the consolidation piece).