Number One Teacher Mug

Last semester I posted some notes that I’d gotten from students at the end of exams. I felt a little guilty about it at the time because it seemed a little obnoxious, especially since I know that not every student felt the same way those students did. But I’m glad I posted them because it’s amazing how quickly we forget the nice things that happen in the teaching profession. High school teachers don’t tend to get end of the year gifts from students like elementary teachers do–not that I think we should! I just was always a little jealous of the #1 Teacher mugs my elementary colleagues got in June.

So here is my version of the “#1 Teacher Mug”. You can’t drink coffee out of it, but I’m trying to cut back on coffee anyway.

This is a blog post from one of my students this year. (It’s hard to read but if you click on the graphic you’ll be able to see the full size image.)

blog by student

5 thoughts on “Number One Teacher Mug

  1. Well I think you and other teachers deserve something almost more than elementary teachers. Not to take away from their work each year but teacher in high school have to deal with teenagers and though younger students do require a large amount of effort to keep in line, for example most high school students won’t “go to the corner”. It takes a very smart person to get teens to focus and it is near imposible at this time of year. You are my number one teacher but I don’t have a mug for you. Sorry.

  2. Thanks Scott, but seriously though, you should see the stuff my friends who teach Kindergarten and grade 1 deal with! I wouldn’t trade my workload for theirs for the whole world. Thanks for the thought but I have plenty of mugs! The best gift I could ever get is to have awesome students like you guys!

  3. Ahh… that’s awesome. Who needs a stinkin’ mug when you have evidence of impact? Well done.

    • Thanks. I’ve thought about that post a lot. It means more to me than any gift could.