It’s the internet’s fault!

I have to stop blogging about Twilight. Every time I do it shows up bigger and bigger in that tag cloud on my screen and it’s embarrassing. 

But there was a link to an article about Twilight’s web presence in my monthly NCTE inbox so I had to read it. 

Apparently Twilight’s maniacal legions of teenage girls are the direct result of Stephenie Meyer’s web presence (okay, and it’s because of the pretty covers and the “plain girl who gorgeous virtuous vampire falls madly in love with” story line). 

Damn you, internet!



One thought on “It’s the internet’s fault!

  1. Hey – want to hear a funny thing? I used your presentation on The Vampire as Metaphor – remember it? when I did the intro to “Dracula” with the 4Cs. Well, when Twilight came out, the girls reading the book were all over the idea that the vampire was a metaphor for sexuality and they could really see the whole thing in the novel – too cool.