Reflections on ECOO 2010

The most important thing I learned was that if at all possible, attend a conference with a friend. I know I had a ton of Twitter friends at ECOO, but it was awfully nice to be able to go with my friend Wendy, both for moral support and to have someone to bounce new ideas off of.

The second most important thing I learned is to make sure your Twitter picture accurately reflects your current hairstyle, otherwise people find it very disorienting.

The third most important thing I learned is that wireless WILL cut out at a pivotal moment during your presentation, so use an ethernet cord if at all possible.

I loved the presentation by @royanlee who has become the “it” boy of technology and student engagement (Although I personally feel it’s cheating to bring your students–just kidding, Royan. Well played.). He also has absolutely, hands-down, the best delivery when it comes to dealing with difficult questions. So calm and low key. Remember me when you become the next Will Richardson, okay?

A big shout out to “Pegah the Perfect” who talked to us about her blog.

I also loved @neilstephenson’s cigar box project presentation. Talk about making history relevant! Also, he made reference to St.Thomas and Jumbo the elephant which gets him bonus points since I teach in St. Thomas.

The Pecha Kucha was something I dreaded but turned out to be one of the most positive moments of the whole weekend. I can’t wait to try this presentation style with my students. Thanks to @msjweir who asked me to present. It was great to meet @Grade1 and @peterskillen face to face, and also great to see @thecleversheep, @KimMcGill again.

It’s great to be at a conference like this because these people GET me. I’m not weird or out-there with them. People don’t look at me strangely when I talk about using Wikipedia for research and I don’t have to use my “do you ban paper because students are passing notes” analogy about cellphones. On the other hand, I have to remember that when I get back to my school, some people will wrinkle their noses when I talk about cell phones and cringe when I say Wikipedia is a good place to begin research projects. Baby steps.

And now, I give you the ECOO 2010 Pecha Kuchas, with many thanks to @colinjagoe for rockstar editing.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on ECOO 2010

  1. Great blog post, Danika! I loved meeting you in person at ECOO and presenting alongside you as well. Your students are lucky to have such a caring and forward-thinking teacher!

    Aviva (@grade1)

  2. Had your avatar been up-to-date, I’d have found you far sooner. ;-)

    I too loved the Jumbo reference in Neil Stephenson’s cigar box presentation. Although I only caught the latter half of Royan’s presentation, the student experience was a definite highlight.

    You’re Pecha Kucha presentation was a highlight for me. Though others may not see ways of employing social media in the classroom setting, you’ve provided some wonderful exemplars.

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  5. I had a great time dude – even if I fell asleep while you did your online Master’s course! (I plead jetlag). I had a great time thanks to you – your presentations were awesome – I do think your Machu Picchu was the best – and the fab part was our brainstorming on essential questions – very fruitful – makes me wish almost, but not quite, that I was still teaching. Carry the torch on my young cool friend.